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Cover: championship signature move series: keith gavin's underhooks & drags
Championship Signature Move Series: Keith Gavin's Underhooks & Drags
with Keith Gavin, University of Virginia Assistant Coach;
member of the U.S. National Freestyle Wrestling Team;
2008 NCAA Champion at Pittsburgh; 2x All American; 2x EWL Wrestler of the Year; 120 collegiate wins

This underhook series will help you improve your offense on your feet from one of the most dominant ties in wrestling. U.S. National Freestyle wrestler Keith Gavin presents his underhook takedown series from tie-up to finish. He presents takedowns from both the lead leg side as well as the opposite leg side.

No matter what your opponent's reaction, Coach Gavin offers a scoring option for the offensive wrestler. Rather than providing several different variations off a single position, Coach Gavin breaks decision making into a series of simple reads: always do A unless he does X, in which case you do B. Instead of just a few new moves, you'll get an extremely effective system for attacking with underhooks.

Being able to use an underhook off your strong side is the most fundamental of skills. Coach Gavin shares a solid series of attacks from this position, as well as entries into the position. The series starts with a throw-by to a single leg takedown. This first takedown is presented with a high-level finish, as well as low-level finishes on the mat when your opponent counters with a whizzer. Coach Gavin adds options for a double leg takedown, as well as a front headlock option to a go-behind to be used when the single leg is not available.

Coach Gavin also gives four takedowns to use when you get into the even more dominant, double underhook position. You will be able to score with a throw-by, snap/front headlock, a footsweep or a modified arm drag from double underhooks.

Opponents will often grab collar ties or wrists to try and slow down an opponent. Coach Gavin shows some of his signature drags to deal with this scenario. In addition, you'll see some of his favorite takedowns from an opposite lead leg, including a high-crotch, front headlock to a go-behind, a shrug, inside trip and an arm drag.

This is an excellent series that teaches the most of the fundamentals of an underhook as well as some slightly less common positions that are very specific to coach Coach Gavin's game.

55 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: brent metcalf - high crotch
Brent Metcalf - High Crotch
featuring Brent Metcalf, 2x NCAA Champion for the University of Iowa, 3x World Team Member, Dan Hodge Trophy Winner, 2008 NCAA Tournament Outstanding Wrestler, 2008 Jesse Owens Big Ten Male Athlete of the Year

Brent Metcalf will show you high crotch set-ups and finishes that helped make him one of the most dominant wrestlers in the country over the past decade. Filmed in the Iowa wrestling room, Metcalf brings that Iowa INTENSITY that is needed for building champion wrestlers. A must for every wrestler, parent and coach.

The video features:

  • High Crotch Finishing Position
  • High Crotch Cut-Across Double Leg
  • High Crotch Dump
  • High Crotch Windmill
  • High Crotch Fake Dump
  • Knee Slide Drill
  • Crack-Down Prevention
  • Crack-Down Head Across Finish
  • Crack-Down Ankle Lift Finish
  • Crack-Down Inside Leg Hook Finish
  • High Crotch Peak-Out Finish
  • Arm Pass-High Crotch
  • Post High Crotch
  • Opposite Arm Post, High Crotch
  • Snap, High Crotch

59 minutes (plus bonus features). 2015.

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Cover: brent metcalf - front headlock
Brent Metcalf - Front Headlock
featuring Brent Metcalf, 2x NCAA Champion for the University of Iowa, 3x World Team Member, Dan Hodge Trophy Winner, 2008 NCAA Tournament Outstanding Wrestler, 2008 Jesse Owens Big Ten Male Athlete of the Year

Brent Metcalf will show you Front Head Lock techniques, snap-downs and finishes that allowed him to score at will on his opponents. Metcalf also covers off season training, weight cutting, and end of the season peaking. Brent lays out a road map to success for champion wrestlers. A must for every wrestler, parent, and coach.

The video features:

  • Front Headlock Snap-Down Drill
  • Front Headlock Position
  • Hand in the Hole Finish
  • Head in the Hole Finish
  • Head in the Hole Cradle
  • Snap, Run the Corner
  • Knee Tap
  • Front Headlock from the Feet Dresser Dump
  • Front Headlock Double Leg

34 minutes plus bonus features). 2015.

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Cover: elbow pass series: beating the collar tie
Elbow Pass Series: Beating the Collar Tie
with Matt Azevedo, Drexel University Head Coach;
former Cornell University Assistant Coach;
2x U.S. National Team member; U.S.Open Freestyle National Champion

The collar tie is one of the most common tie ups in wrestling. Every wrestler needs to know how to clear it and use it against his opponent. In this instructional presentation, Matt Azevedo shows how to clear a collar tie using his elbow pass series. Not only does he demonstrate how to clear the tie, he also demonstrates how to score once the tie has been cleared.

Coach Azevedo breaks down the elbow pass technique into its fundamental positions and identifies three key steps that develop great habits in using it. He also discusses places that less experienced wrestlers will falter and shows how to correct them. He shares several drills to reinforce the fundamentals. The purpose of the drill progression is to get wrestlers familiar with moving their hands and feet in order to get the proper motion to break a collar tie, and develop muscle memory to execute the move in match conditions.

Opponents react in multiple ways to the elbow pass. Coach Azevedo demonstrates seven different attacks off the elbow pass that can be used depending on how your opponent reacts. These attacks include high-level singles, low-level single, comeback single, high crotch, front headlocks and ankle pick. He discusses favorite leg attacks, how to use them to set up other ties or how to attack when no leg is presented .

The elbow pass is a key position that any wrestler (beginner to advanced) can benefit from using properly. Many wrestlers, novice to highly experienced, attack with a collar tie and control the position very well. This presentation teaches how to take away that advantage. Add to it the plethora of attacks that are available and you can move from being controlled to controlling almost every position on your feet.

It will be useful from the beginning to anyone that watches it, from grade school wrestling all the way up to high school. I particularly enjoyed the "Ankle Pick" section, as I believe his adjustment to the move doubles its effectiveness. - Chester Chen


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Cover: change over hip heist series
Change Over Hip Heist Series
with Matt Azevedo, Drexel University Head Coach;
Former Cornell University Assistant Coach;
2x U.S. National Team member; 2008 U.S. Open Freestyle National Champion

Not every athlete has the ability to get to their feet quickly. The general rule of thumb from the bottom is to hit a stand-up off the whistle. National champion Matt Azevedo shows how a changeover can impact that line of thinking and lead to several different options for the bottom wrestler. In addition, you'll learn how to recover faster from a takedown and other transitional positions.

The changeover is more explosive move than the standard escape and it gets wrestlers of any body style out quicker. It's great for creating space and motion from the bottom position. Starting with the basic technique, Coach Azevedo breaks the changeover down into three easily understandable steps that all roll into one very effective motion. He emphasizes where the technique could fall apart and where there is room for personalization.

Coach Azevedo shows how to use a changeover to perform a hip heist, which helps explosive wrestlers get away quickly and easily. He demonstrates several that can be used in practice to improve the wrestler's ability to do a hip heist. He also shares several options that can be used after executing the changeover, including:

  • Power switch - This more powerful, explosive version of the switch allows you to escape and reverse the position.
  • Stand-up - Learn how to combine the stand-up with the changeover so your less powerful athletes are able to get to their feet.
  • Granby roll - See how to get the top wrestler out of position and what move to hit when they are out of position.

The drills in this section emphasize what really happens in a match, giving wrestlers a feel for its usefulness. With practice, the move becomes second nature and athletes perform it automatically to move from the bottom.

You'll also see the effectiveness of the changeover in countering one of the top rides at any level - the Spiral Ride, and how to get quick escapes after takedowns with the changeover. These are all great ways to integrate a highly effective bottom position into your arsenal no matter the position of the athlete.

The changeover is an effective move that athletes at any level can do off the whistle or as a transition move. This technique will open up several doors for escapes or reversals by the bottom man. Coach Azevedo has a great teaching style that will help any coach or parent enable their athlete to pick it up and use in short order.

It's a great video for all athletes and coaching levels . Coach Azevedo combines two explosive moves, the change over and granby roll, to create an unstoppable escape! - Chester Chen


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