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Cover: elbow pass series: beating the collar tie
Elbow Pass Series: Beating the Collar Tie
with Matt Azevedo, Drexel University Head Coach;
former Cornell University Assistant Coach;
2x U.S. National Team member; U.S.Open Freestyle National Champion

The collar tie is one of the most common tie ups in wrestling. Every wrestler needs to know how to clear it and use it against his opponent. In this instructional presentation, Matt Azevedo shows how to clear a collar tie using his elbow pass series. Not only does he demonstrate how to clear the tie, he also demonstrates how to score once the tie has been cleared.

Coach Azevedo breaks down the elbow pass technique into its fundamental positions and identifies three key steps that develop great habits in using it. He also discusses places that less experienced wrestlers will falter and shows how to correct them. He shares several drills to reinforce the fundamentals. The purpose of the drill progression is to get wrestlers familiar with moving their hands and feet in order to get the proper motion to break a collar tie, and develop muscle memory to execute the move in match conditions.

Opponents react in multiple ways to the elbow pass. Coach Azevedo demonstrates seven different attacks off the elbow pass that can be used depending on how your opponent reacts. These attacks include high-level singles, low-level single, comeback single, high crotch, front headlocks and ankle pick. He discusses favorite leg attacks, how to use them to set up other ties or how to attack when no leg is presented .

The elbow pass is a key position that any wrestler (beginner to advanced) can benefit from using properly. Many wrestlers, novice to highly experienced, attack with a collar tie and control the position very well. This presentation teaches how to take away that advantage. Add to it the plethora of attacks that are available and you can move from being controlled to controlling almost every position on your feet.

It will be useful from the beginning to anyone that watches it, from grade school wrestling all the way up to high school. I particularly enjoyed the "Ankle Pick" section, as I believe his adjustment to the move doubles its effectiveness. - Chester Chen


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Cover: change over hip heist series
Change Over Hip Heist Series
with Matt Azevedo, Drexel University Head Coach;
Former Cornell University Assistant Coach;
2x U.S. National Team member; 2008 U.S. Open Freestyle National Champion

Not every athlete has the ability to get to their feet quickly. The general rule of thumb from the bottom is to hit a stand-up off the whistle. National champion Matt Azevedo shows how a changeover can impact that line of thinking and lead to several different options for the bottom wrestler. In addition, you'll learn how to recover faster from a takedown and other transitional positions.

The changeover is more explosive move than the standard escape and it gets wrestlers of any body style out quicker. It's great for creating space and motion from the bottom position. Starting with the basic technique, Coach Azevedo breaks the changeover down into three easily understandable steps that all roll into one very effective motion. He emphasizes where the technique could fall apart and where there is room for personalization.

Coach Azevedo shows how to use a changeover to perform a hip heist, which helps explosive wrestlers get away quickly and easily. He demonstrates several that can be used in practice to improve the wrestler's ability to do a hip heist. He also shares several options that can be used after executing the changeover, including:

  • Power switch - This more powerful, explosive version of the switch allows you to escape and reverse the position.
  • Stand-up - Learn how to combine the stand-up with the changeover so your less powerful athletes are able to get to their feet.
  • Granby roll - See how to get the top wrestler out of position and what move to hit when they are out of position.

The drills in this section emphasize what really happens in a match, giving wrestlers a feel for its usefulness. With practice, the move becomes second nature and athletes perform it automatically to move from the bottom.

You'll also see the effectiveness of the changeover in countering one of the top rides at any level - the Spiral Ride, and how to get quick escapes after takedowns with the changeover. These are all great ways to integrate a highly effective bottom position into your arsenal no matter the position of the athlete.

The changeover is an effective move that athletes at any level can do off the whistle or as a transition move. This technique will open up several doors for escapes or reversals by the bottom man. Coach Azevedo has a great teaching style that will help any coach or parent enable their athlete to pick it up and use in short order.

It's a great video for all athletes and coaching levels . Coach Azevedo combines two explosive moves, the change over and granby roll, to create an unstoppable escape! - Chester Chen


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Cover: dominant technique and attacks from the top position
Dominant Technique and Attacks from the Top Position
with Joe LeBlanc,
University of Northern Colorado Assistant Coach;
4x All-American at the University of Wyoming; three-time NWCA Academic All-American; most wins (147) in University of Wyoming wrestling

Many young wrestlers pause at key positions hampering their ability to dominate from the top. The top position is where wrestlers can separate the score by attacking and staying one step ahead of their opponent. The goal is to go from a takedown right into turns and from the turns right into a pin. In this video from Championship Productions, Joe LeBlanc teaches effective breakdowns and how to transition directly into tilts, turns and pins.

Chop Breakdown
Coach LeBlanc shares a unique version of the chop breakdown that involves making the offside arm more primary. With a standard chop, too many athletes end up on their hip, losing precious position and time. His focus is to bury the bottom man's hips to the mat instead of driving over his arm and pulling him into your lap. His breakdown works off the whistle from the referee's position, as well as when the opponent attempts a sit-out and a stand-up. This small change in technique can mean the difference in pinning an opponent and barely holding him down.

Tilt Series
After breaking down an opponent to the mat, Coach LeBlanc covers two different tilt series from this modified chop breakdown. You will learn a tight waist chop; an excellent low-risk tilt that can rack up a lot of back points. You will also learn how to combine this strategy with an arm-across-the-back tilt series that can morph into a near-wrist hammerlock - a high percentage pinning combination.

Claw Ride
The claw ride is an extremely popular wrestling technique for both riding and turning an opponent. Coach LeBlanc teaches some unique variations of the claw ride that provide new opportunities to score from this position. You'll see how to transition directly into various tilts from a standing claw ride, a claw spiral, and hips over and across. Many of the tilts can be turned into pins.

These tilts are very basic, but are all devastatingly effective to turn and pin even the toughest opponent.

Coach LeBlanc also shows a unique way of countering a sit-out that eliminates the opponent's chance to escape. His twist puts the wrestler into a common position that results in near-fall points.

Separate yourself from other wrestlers by becoming dominant in the top position! Coach LeBlanc shows you how in this dynamic presentation.

49 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: developing championship wrestlers: establishing dominant routines
Developing Championship Wrestlers: Establishing Dominant Routines
with Joe LeBlanc,
University of Northern Colorado Assistant Coach;
4x All-American at the University of Wyoming; three-time NWCA Academic All-American; most wins (147) in University of Wyoming wrestling

Give your wrestlers a mental edge over their competition! The mental side of wrestling is an important component of wrestling that many coaches and athletes overlook. Four-time All American Joe LeBlanc addresses that omission with an effective approach to strengthening the mental side of the sport.

The Championship Taper
The wrestling season can be a grind leading to burnout. Coach LeBlanc shares strategies for transitioning athletes from preseason to regular season to peak performance at championship time. You'll learn the appropriate intensity and repetition ratios for each phase of the season and principles for keeping your wrestlers physically and mentally fresh during the championship run.

Match Routines and Strategies
Getting ready for a match can be one of the hardest things an athlete does. Coach LeBlanc shares his approach to preparing athletes for a match. He talks about pre- and post-match routines, and how they are specific to each athlete. He uses his background in kinesiology to address proper hydration and nutrition before competition. Gain insights on match strategy, scouting, match planning and motivation. Knowing how to approach an opponent, especially a top-tier wrestler, is an underused tactic.

Post-match analysis is essential if your athletes are going to improve. Learn how to deal with an athlete after wins or losses and how to maintain their focus for their next match. Included is a segment on how a coach can use video to improve an athlete's performance.

Discover specific warm-ups for reducing injuries and preparing wrestlers to function at a high level in practice and in competitions.

Coach LeBlanc uses dynamic movement to begin a training session and static movements to complete a session. The progression shown will get every athlete ready to perform at an optimal level. The cool-down shown will get your athletes ready for the next match and increase their flexibility.

This presentation will benefit wrestlers, coaches and parents. These techniques help athletes recover quickly after a loss and keep them hungry when they are dominating the competition. Wrestling is not just about the physical nature of the sport. This presentation reinforces that often-overlooked mental training that can help wrestlers grow and improve.

33 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: leg lace evolution techniques for modern freestyle
Leg Lace Evolution Techniques for Modern Freestyle
with Rob Eiter, University of Maryland Assistant Coach;
1996 Olympian; 5x U.S. Open National Champion; Member of 1993 and 1995 World Championship teams; Former University of Pennsylvania Head Coach

The leg lace is a move that you can find from all positions of freestyle wrestling. Olympian Rob Eiter shows both beginning and advanced wrestlers how to effectively use a leg lace to turn opponents in freestyle. He begins by going over basic leg laces, then covers advanced leg lace techniques. Coach Eiter then moves on to defending a leg lace and transitions from a leg lace to secondary exposure techniques.

Leg laces are always available in the par terre position. Coach Eiter works on the basics of a leg lace first. His detailed breakdown of the fundamentals will allow you to not only to score, but also identify where the technique is breaking down so that you can apply one of the more advanced moves. Off of a leg attack, a leg lace opportunity will present itself every time. Coach Eiter shows you how to post the bent leg ankle and pull it back to score.

With the new rules change in Freestyle wrestling, multiple turns are now legal. Learning how to get multiple turn your leg lace will allow you to end matches extremely quickly. Coach Eiter teaches the correct positioning for multiple turns using the leg lace. You'll learn how to transition from the gut wrench to the leg lace. He shows you a key detail here that helps prevent the opponent from defending the far leg.

He continues on with other turns using the leg lace as a set up. He focuses on a bent leg turk that will force a turn regardless of how tough the bottom guy is. He completes teaching a hybrid of his Bent leg turk and lace.

We don't have a lot of time on top in Freestyle and it is important to be efficient on top. Coach Eiter shows a complete leg lace series that has many different turns and great transitions to other dominating turns that will make you a lethal par terre wrestler.

Coach Eiter's series will make a left leg wrestler a potent offensive wrestler from his/her feet.

54 minutes. 2015.

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