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Cover: becoming a champion: triple jump for girls' track & field
Becoming a Champion: Triple Jump for Girls' Track & Field
with Stacey Smith, Baylor University Assistant Coach;
9x All American and 1999 NCAA Champion in the Triple Jump at Baylor, former member of the US National Team

Stacey Smith uses her experience as both a coach and competitor to teach the triple jump from warm-up to practice, from competition to cool down, in this outstanding track DVD.

Coach Smith introduces the concepts necessary to be a successful triple jumper. She then covers warming up, including drills and how to incorporate sprints into your warm-up. Head Circles, Arm Swings, and Trunk Circles are just some of the drills that are covered. The importance of putting in 30-45 minutes to properly prepare your body is stressed because of the explosive power needed to triple jump.

As with the long jump, triple jumpers are sprinters first and controlling that speed is the focus of this section. A-Skip, Karaoke, and High Knees are some of the drills used to develop controlled speed to keep the jump horizontal and not vertical.

The approach, which is the main part of the jump, is covered from the beginning to end. Coach Smith covers how to teach a proper approach, showing numerous drills using both the track and run-way. Smith puts it all together by teaching the proper way to execute the three phases of the actual jump (the hop, the step and the jump). Smith offers simple, effective coaching cues and drills that drive home the point that The Hop is the crucial point to the triple jump, The Step is the most difficult part, and The Jump just follows.

Along with technique, Coach Smith offers over a dozen drills to increase the strength and form of your triple jumpers. In addition, she discusses meet day providing you with a series of hints to help manage your jumpers in competition.

Coach Smith provides over 20 drills that cover the triple jump from start to finish. Having a large selection of different drills which develop the entire athlete is key to successful triple jumping.

48 minutes. 2013.

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Cover: arkansas track and field presents common errors and corrections triple jump
Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Triple Jump
with Travis Geopfert, University of Arkansas Assistant Coach (field events and multi-events);
Decathlon coach for the 2009 USA vs. Germany Thorpe Cup; former UNI Head Coach, 2009 MVC Indoor and Outdoor Champions

University of Arkansas Assistant Coach Travis Geopfert identifies and diagnoses the most common mistakes athletes make when triple jumping. With demonstrations by 4x All-American Tarik Batchelor, Geopfert walks you through the poor technique that hampers performance and provides drills to correct the technique. He supplements these drills with "Coaching Points" that he uses to develop championship jumpers.

The most common error in triple jumping is an inconsistent approach. A consistent start provides a more consistent approach and increases your chances of hitting your mark at the toe board. This is accomplished by creating a uniform stride pattern. Coach Geopfert explains the rationale behind choosing the correct number of steps.

Lengthening each phase of the approach is covered and Coach Geopfert stresses only giving your athlete as much speed as they can handle. This is especially important early in your athletes' development.

The majority of the drills in this video focus on getting full power out of each step down the runway and how to keep your speed, rhythm and form once you take off. In addition to the approach, Geopfert teaches bounding to help incorporate the arms into the jump, the step and skip phase, and how to put it all together.

Not only does Geopfert deliver drills and techniques, he explains the reasons why he uses these particular drills, all relating back to correcting movements which hamper performance. Order now and provide your athletes with the tools they need to reach their potential!

34 minutes. 2013.

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Cover: triple jump
Triple Jump
with Mike Conley,
Olympic Champion,
and Dick Booth,
University of Florida Assistant Track & Field Coach/Jumps

This video emphasizes the importance of power in triple jumping, the introduction of the triple jump to athletes, physical preparations for the event (including weight training, running, bounding and plyometrics), and the event's approach, hop, step, and jump. Proper hop-step-jump ratios are discussed and many drills are incorporated into the teaching on this great video!

1991. 30 minutes.

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Cover: the best of british track & field triple jump drills
The Best of British Track & Field Triple Jump Drills
with Terry Lomax,
2X UK Olympic Team Coach,
3X World Championship Coach
and Current UK National Event Coach

Terry Lomax has been coaching for over 32 years and has developed into one of the best jumps coaches in the UK, earning him a coaching spot on two Olympic Track and Field Teams. In this video Coach Lomax shares with you his fundamental skills and drills for teaching the triple jump. Lomax includes several proven progressions to help your athletes jump higher and further than they ever have before. He starts with basic continuous warm-up drills that include jogging, skipping, hoping, directional lunges and body movement exercises to help reduce the chances of injury during practice and meets. Lomax's teaching principles focus on good posture and rhythm, and he shows several strategies for all levels of track to keep your athletes bounding and jumping "Tall." The video will provide you with several new triple jump drills that work on the three phases of the jump, and how to correct common errors by young jumpers. Coach Lomax and his drill series make this a must see video for all coaches.

40 minutes. 2009.

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Cover: becoming a champion triple jumper - beyond the basics!
Becoming a Champion Triple Jumper - Beyond the Basics!
with Dennis Nobles,
Florida State University Assistant Coach (Jumps);
2003 Women's National Assistant Coach of the Year (Jumps)

For over 20 years, Coach Nobles has helped train long jump athletes to All-American levels. In this DVD, he utilizes the 2006 National Champion athlete to show athletes at all levels the finer points of the triple jump. Speed on the runway is the key to the triple jump, and the starting point for Nobles. The first step is the most variable and critical to the jump. Nobles encourages athletes to set a first step check mark to remain consistent with the initial step. Your runway spring is vital to how far you will jump and is a consistent emphasis by Nobles. When approaching the board, stability, balance and velocity are the major factors he teaches. Use of arms at takeoff can also determine your end result. The three distinct jumps are also seen as one individual entity. Instead of the hitch kick at the end, the hang technique is used. The hang is a way to slow the natural rotation of the body for maximum distance. Nobles also focuses on strength training, warm-up, and stretching exercises, all important to the jumper's ultimate success.

43 minutes. 2007.

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