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Cover: don babbitt's teaching progression for the rotational & glide shot put
Don Babbitt's Teaching Progression for the Rotational & Glide Shot Put

with Don Babbitt,
University of Georgia Associate Head Coach - Throws;
has coached 29 NCAA Champions and 139 All-Americans;
has coached 53 throwers who have competed at the Olympic Games & World Championships;
his throwers have won 21 medals in international competition and 20 titles at the USA Championships;
2009 USTFCCCA East Region Men's Throws Coach of the Year;
2007 USTFCCCA East Region Women's Throws Coach of the Year;
2003 USTFCCCA National Assistant Coach of the Year;
over 35 years of coaching experience

and demonstrator Denzel Comenentia,
3x NCAA First Team Outdoor All-American (Shot Put);
3x NCAA First Team Indoor All-American (Shot Put);
2018 and 2019 SEC Outdoor Commissioner's Trophy (High Point Scorer);
2019 USTFCCCA South Region Co-Men's Outdoor Field Athlete of the Year;
2018 Bowerman Award Semifinalist;
2018 USTFCCCA National Men's Outdoor Field Athlete of the Year;
2018 NCAA Outdoor Meet High Point Scorer (20 Points);
2018 NCAA Outdoor Champion (Shot Put);
2018 USTFCCCA South Region Men's Outdoor Field Athlete of the Year;
2018 USTFCCCA South Region Men's Indoor Field Athlete of the Year;
2017 SEC Outdoor & Indoor Champion (Shot Put);
2016 NCAA Honorable Mention Outdoor All-American (Shot Put)

This video, featuring one of the most accomplished throws coaches in the world, Don Babbitt, effectively illustrates a fundamental progression that throwers of any level can use to remediate the proper grip through release of the shot put.

Once grip and release are developed to a comfortable level, Babbitt demonstrates his 5-step progression in the circle for developing the principles of the standing throw components. Babbitt's detailed explanations of the keys and cues for success during this segment are simple enough for a novice coach to utilize in correcting a beginner athlete. At the same time, the specificity provided will allow elite shot putters to self-analyze to make corrections to their own technique.

Rotational Progression

Coach Babbitt's progression for the rotational throw sequence incorporates numerous drills that allow you to develop athletes by focusing on isolated areas of technique prior to utilizing the full motion. This will help provide your athletes mastery prior to accomplishing the full rotational throw. Benchmarks and cues are inserted that allow for proper skill development prior to progressing to the full throw. These progressions are excellent coaching points for the coach/athlete that wants to transition to the rotational style throw.

Glide Progression

Finally, the glide technique progression provided by Babbitt offers a comparison and contrast to the techniques used in the rotational throw progression. Deciding factors of choosing which technique to use (glide vs rotational) are provided that will allow the coach or athlete to make the choice that is best for them.

From the beginning shot putter or coach to the elite level shot putter or coach, all can benefit from the progressions and cues provided by Coach Babbitt in this instructional video with his best progressions for shot put technique.

68 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: the best of championship productions - track & field: 90+ shot put drills
The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 90+ Shot Put Drills


  • Jim Aikens - Fremd High School (IL) Head Boys Coach
  • Don Babbitt - University of Georgia Throws Coach
  • Juan de la Garza - Texas A&M Assistant Coach
  • Brian Forrester - University of Akron Throws Coach
  • Michael Hambrick - Founder of the Long & Strong West Thrower's Club
  • Travis Geopfert - University of Tennessee Associate Head Coach
  • Erin Wibbels - Guatemala National Team Throws Coach
  • Larry Judge - former USATF Coaching Education National Throws Chairman
  • Jim Garnham - University of Buffalo Assistant Coach/Throws

If you're looking for one video that includes all the drills you'll ever need for the shot put, you've come to the right place! This "Best Of" video from Championship Productions includes exercises from the best shot put instructors in the nation brought together in one convenient package.

Warm Ups

In order to help athletes perform at their best, it's important to have a great warm up. That's where coach Erin Wibbels comes in. Coach Wibbels takes viewers through demonstrations of various dynamic movement activities, beginning outside the ring with skips and moving stretches, before transitioning into the throwing circle to add explosive two handed throws like the overhead back and underhand forward throw.

Additionally, coach Larry Judge uses medicine ball throws to add some more coordination-based throws into the warm up.

Basic Throwing Progressions

Coaches of novice shot putters will benefit greatly from the fundamental progressions in this segment. Beginning with how to grip the implement and progressing through basic throwing movements from seated to standing positions, coaches Don Babbitt and Juan de la Garza break down the shot put from the ground up. Coach de la Garza's Step Back series is a great tool for teaching athletes to move effectively through the ring.

Power Position Drills

In this segment, the University of Buffalo's Jim Garnham breaks down the power position in the shot put. He expertly dissects each element of the power position, from foot placement, to blocking and timing of the release, to help athletes create a more powerful throw. Additionally, Coach Garnham talks about one error in the power position that athletes commonly make, which prevents them from fully opening up into an effective throw.

This video is packed with drills and workout ideas from some of the world's top coaches. However, one of the more unique drills in this video is Brian Forrester's 'Simon Says' Drill. In this drill, Forrester combines many of his single drills into one drill progression, challenging one of his intermediate athletes to execute a variety of turns, pivots, and positions throughout the circle. By combining various drills into one game-like sequence, the athlete is challenged in a fun way to execute each drill under different circumstances.

This video is a must-have for any throws coach working with beginner to intermediate athletes. The coaches in this video expertly break the shot put down in a clear and concise way. If you're looking for an edge in your shot put teaching program, this is the answer!

121 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: step-by-step guide to the glide shot put
Step-by-Step Guide to the Glide Shot Put

with John Dagata,
USA Olympic Training Center Resident Throws Coach (Chula Vista, CA);
USATF Level I, Level II and Level III Certified Coach; IAAF Level 5 Throws Coach

Learn a step-by-step method that breaks the glide technique into individual components that each athlete must master to have effective technique in the shot put.

John Dagata shares a series of 14 drills that incorporate the entire glide sequence. These drills cover three main components: stand throws, block glides, and step-backs. You'll see drills to teach proper technique, including:

  • Stand throws with double pivot, stand throws with a step out, stand throws with a reverse finish.
  • Step in throws with double pivot, step out, and a reverse finish.
  • Static throws with double pivot, step out, and a reverse finish.
  • Full throws with a backswing and reverse finish.

Teach Athletes to Block

Dagata spends considerable time teaching the blocking action of the off arm in the shot put. He shares several drills that help the athlete learn how to achieve the correct blocking position:

  • One step drill with a step back.
  • One step drills with step over and reverse.
  • Block left with step over and reverse.

Teaching the Full Glide

This presentation concludes with Dagata sharing several drills and coaching points on the full glide, which include:

  • How to teach your athletes to "unseat" to begin the glide.
  • How to cue your athletes to keep their upper body closed to the sector while staying back on their dominant leg.
  • How to teach the rhythm of the glide, which is crucial once an athlete starts the full glide.

With the help of Coach Dagata, you will be able to teach the glide step-by-step, allowing your athletes to quickly grasp and implement the important concepts of the throw!

57 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: rotational progressions and finish mechanics for shot put and discus
Rotational Progressions and Finish Mechanics for Shot Put and Discus

with Seth Roberson,
Grand View University Associate Head Coach;
Back-to-back Heart of America Conference Assistant Coach of the Year (2016-17);
coached 2016 NAIA National Champion discus thrower;
USA Track and Field Level 1 Certified Coach

Seth Roberson provides a detailed blueprint for teaching athletes how to throw the discus and shot put with a rotational approach. Roberson models how to correct critical coaching and positive reinforcement to each athlete with simple and direct instruction with each segmented or full-throw drill.

The Wind Up - Where it all begins!

A proper wind-up helps ensure a better throw. Learn how to wind up and hit key positions in the back of the ring, whether throwing the discus or rotational shot put. Coach Roberson breaks down the technique and how to address common mistakes while using his athletes to demonstrate the drills. He includes four drills to train:

  • Shifting over the left leg coming out of the back to create a better push
  • Turning on the inside ball of the left foot to create a smooth spin and stay on balance
  • Creating an efficient and helpful left arm when turning out of the back by creating a great path

Rotational Drill Progression

Coach Roberson shares several drills he uses to teach the rotational component of the discus and shot put. Drills are demonstrated and include in-depth explanations with key coaching points. The wind up, tempo, and posture of the athletes are demonstrated and explained in detail, including the Scooter 360 drill that teaches the athlete how to rotate.

Train Athletes how to "Push Out of the Back"

Several drills are demonstrated that Roberson uses to teach athletes how to start the movement of the discus throw or shot put. This first crucial movement, "pushing out the back," is explained in great detail, along with several key issues that typically occur with beginning athletes.

Some of the drills that Coach Roberson shares are:

  • The Cone Sweep drill.
  • The Cone Sweep Wheel drill that teaches hip rotation.
  • The full wind up and wheel without implement that teaches the athlete to push off and create separation between the upper body and lower body.
  • How to progress these drills but emphasize different points such as balance, timing, and correcting over-rotation.

Drills to Teach the Release of the Discus and Shot Put

Finally, Coach Roberson includes drills that teach the body position and sequence of releasing the discus and shot put in a full throw. Some of the drills and coaching points that Roberson shares are:

  • Throws from the power position
  • Wheel drill to a complete throw
  • Several medicine ball throws that teach mechanics in releasing the shot put
  • Full power throws and full throws with a pivot with the shot put and discus

Coach Roberson offers a large variety of drills that are interesting and challenging for throwers. His emphasis on balance, footwork, and proper positioning is sure to make it easier for you to get the most out of your own athletes!

84 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: a teaching progression for the shot put
A Teaching Progression for the Shot Put

with John Dagata,
USA Olympic Training Center Resident Throws Coach (Chula Vista, CA);
USATF Level I, Level II and Level III Certified Coach; IAAF Level 5 Throws Coach

Many of the top shot putters worldwide are using the rotational shot put technique. Being able to achieve the balance and mechanics required to successfully use the rotational technique can be much more complicated than the glide technique. However, John Dagata, USA Olympic Training Center Resident Throws Coach and a USA TF Level I, II and III certified coach, presents a simple yet thorough teaching progression to allow athletes at any level to develop and master this technique.

Dagata takes you through all of the positions important for the stand throw, step in, and full throw using 19 exercises to help you generate force and speed to be the best shot putter you can be.

Step-By-Step Training Method

Learn a step-by-step method that breaks the shot put technique into individual components that each athlete must master to have effective full spin technique. Dagata presents the following drills to teach technique:

  • Stand Throws - Dagata introduces how to pivot correctly so that you can understand the basics for the delivery of the shot. He takes you through three fundamental releases from the double pivot, with stepping over the toe board, and with the reverse.
  • Step-In Throws - After establishing the delivery position from the stand throws, three variations of step-in throws are offered to teach horizontal movement across the ring.
  • Static Throws - To drill in balance and posture out of the back of the ring, getting one to the correct position in the middle of the ring for correct finishes, Dagata takes you through six variations of the throw from a static start.

This teaching progression allows a coach to break down and focus on the various components of the rotational shot to develop mastery of the various parts, but also fuse them together into the whole.

Full Throws

The full throw using the counter movement start or the wind is presented using six variants, allowing the athlete to load the left leg and sweep the right at the start. This builds greater momentum from the wind into a more dynamic throw.

Correct Technique Flaws

Throughout the presentation, Dagata points out specific technique flaws and ways to fix them. Some of the common flaws include:

  • Lack of penetration into the put.
  • An improper weight distribution in the double pivot phase.
  • The cause of the athlete "cutting the corner" and how to correct it.

Training and Conditioning for the Shot Put

Dagata discusses his periodization of throwing over the course of a season as well as how he balances throwing and strength training throughout a week. He adds his thoughts on the use of general strength circuits and weight room circuit training, on medicine ball work, and the proper ratio of throws to drills that young throwers should follow.

Throwers of all levels would benefit from Coach Dagata's secrets in this video!

41 minutes. 2017.

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