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Cover: the best of championship productions - track & field: 75+ pole vault drills
The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 75+ Pole Vault Drills


  • Jeff Martin - Indiana State University Assistant Coach
  • Reid Ehrisman - University of Sioux Falls Head Coach
  • Pat Licari - University of Washington Jumps Coach
  • Tom Hays - University of Kansas Assistant Head Coach
  • Will Freeman - Grinnell College Head Coach
  • Jim VanHootegem - University of Oklahoma Head Coach
  • Tim Reilly - Owner of NW Pole Vault, LLC
  • Jeff Hartwig - 2x Olympic Pole Vaulter ('96, '08), 4x U.S. Outdoor Champion ('98, '99, '02, '03)
  • Caroline White - University of Minnesota Pole Vault Coach

The pole vault is a specialized event which requires a particular set of drills and coaching techniques. To help you become a better pole vault instructor, Championship Productions has put together a collection of the best drills for the event from its vast coaching library. You'll get drills and techniques taught by some of the best pole vault coaches in the country that are sure to enrich your pole vaulting program.

Approach Run and Plant

Various drills are shown that help simplify the learning process for a beginning vaulter. This outstanding video begins with several coaches going through a drill progression that teaches athletes how to correctly grip the pole and how to easily and accurately determine the proper width of their grip. Additionally, several drills that help athletes master the approach run, such as the low hurdle run, are demonstrated. The 3 step plant drill and swing throughs are also demonstrated using both male and female athletes to help you better work on the ever-important plant.

Takeoff, Swing, Turn, and Landing

You will see several coaches demonstrate drills that teach athletes proper take-off mechanics, including short approach vaults and box vaults. Also, several drill sequences are shown that teach the swing and turn portion of the pole vault, including push plants, short approach stiff pole vaults, and the swing target drill. These drills are demonstrated in a progression that helps teach athletes how to safely land in the pit and swing through and invert for maximum height.

Strength and Conditioning

This video concludes with several event specific strength and conditioning drills that help vaulters develop strength in ways that will have the greatest carryover to the pole vault. Several high bar drills, such as Bubkas and windshield wipers, are demonstrated. Additionally, you'll get several drills using medicine balls and gymnastics rings that are great for developing athletes that may not yet have the strength to complete high bar drills.

If you're looking for a comprehensive collection of pole vault drills that cover all aspects of the event, this video is a must-have!

126 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: pole vault: training & technical phase-based approach to seasonal planning
Pole Vault: Training & Technical Phase-Based Approach to Seasonal Planning

with Johnny Graham,
Wisconsin Lutheran High School Pole Vault Coach;
Polebenders Vault Club (WI) Head Coach;
has coached numerous conference champions, state champions and state champion runner-up vaulters

In this video, Wisconsin Lutheran High School pole vault coach Johnny Graham explains the 22 essential drills that an athlete needs to become a successful pole vaulter. His drills are designed to develop pole vaulters to be dynamic, flexible and fast on the runaway. These three ingredients are the backbone behind an ideal pole vaulter.

Equipment, Planning, and Organization

After explaining how to test pole vault athletes, Coach Graham explains the equipment and facilities you'll need in order to properly train your vaulters. Then, he explains the rules he sets for his team and covers goal-setting on a weekly and yearly basis. Graham emphasizes that planning and organizing, both weekly and yearly, is key to having a great program. Athletes need goals throughout the season to monitor progress and motivation.

Teaching Progression and Drills

Teaching drills in a proper progression is a main point that Graham emphasizes during the video. Event drills start with the grip, then progress to the runway and mat before the full vault. Graham goes into great detail about the carry and approach before giving you a series of pop-up drills that get athletes comfortable with the vault.

Additionally, you'll get a number of drills that double as technique and conditioning exercises for athletes.

To conclude, Graham explains his typical meet day protocol. You'll also get specific instructions for how to handle championship meets as well as the off-season.

Whether you coach a beginning or developing pole vaulter, this video will provide great drills and ideas to help athletes continually improve throughout the season. Coach Graham, an experienced, successful pole vault coach and an excellent instructor, shares his knowledge, and best practices and tips, so you can take your vaulters to the next level in the seasons ahead!

88 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: championship speed & power drills: pole vault
Championship Speed & Power Drills: Pole Vault

with Reid Ehrisman,
University of Sioux Falls Head Cross Country & Track Coach/Pole Vault Coach;
Coach of four USA National Champions, seven USA National Runner-ups and 35 NCAA All Americans in the Pole Vault. In 2016, Ehrisman and the University of Sioux Falls qualified seven pole vaulters (four men and three women) to the NCAA Division II Outdoor National Championships.

Reid Ehrisman lays out a methodical blueprint for you to build fast, powerful and technically sound pole vaulters. His vaulters' development program is simple, featuring in-depth drills and techniques, with unlimited science to back it up. Coach Ehrisman's approach is driven to maximize speed on the runway to improve takeoff and swing mechanics. He teaches drills from slow to fast, simple to complex to maximize key teaching moments and neuromuscular adaptation.

Coach Ehrisman brings the pole vault success of the USF track and field program to you with more than 25 drills that walk you through the entire pole vault process - starting by maximizing sprint mechanics, moving through detailed steps to apply that to the runway and approach, and providing methods for accelerating through takeoff and having a powerful swing through the end of the vault.

Perfecting Running Mechanics

Sprint mechanics are the foundation of a strong vault approach. Coach Ehrisman expertly walks you through seven drills specific to pole vault approach on the runway. Beginning with Lining the Heel Walking Drill, Ehrisman details all of the coaching points of proper sprint alignment and some common flaws that impede performance, such as casting and grabbing. The drills in this series progress from walking and skipping, to running, before advancing to pole carry drills. Learn how to maintain sprint form by adding the technique drills while carrying the pole through a progression to keep the pole weightless in approach.

Setting up the Takeoff

Cadence and rhythm are essential components for consistency and success with the pole vault. Coach Ehrisman discusses techniques that have worked best for his athletes and talks you through his slow-to-fast approach. By accelerating through the pole drop, pole vaulters will gain the momentum needed to create a powerful takeoff and a successful vault. Coach Ehrisman start with simple drills and increase cadence and acceleration to more complex methods. He focuses on these runway items:

  • Counting steps in sets
  • Increasing cadence throughout the entire approach
  • Having rhythm to your run
  • When and how to drop your pole
  • Accelerating through takeoff

Ropes and High Bars for Swing Mechanics

If you're indoors in the winter with limited opportunities to practice proper vault technique, or need a way to teach swing mechanics away from the runway, ropes, high bars, and rings can be important tools. Vault takeoff and swing drills using ropes, high bar and rings show the numerous ways to teach pole vault technique without a long approach. Coach Ehrisman gives tips and insights as athletes demonstrate drills to get inverted, turn and engage their hip flexors and core to get swing into the vault. You'll see athletes use 2-3 step approaches on drills to work on trail leg skills, hip drive, to teach swing from the top hand and much more. He also demonstrates the use of double and single rope progressions, which provide coaches with flexible options depending on their facilities.

Coach Ehrisman uses his experience as a vaulter and coach to emphasize the most important elements of pole vault training. These drills take you through a detailed progression for neuromuscular adaption and mastery of skills for pole vault technique. Use Coach Ehrisman's method to teach sprint mechanics and set the foundation to develop speed and rhythm on the runway for a more powerful vaulter.

46 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: progressions for teaching and coaching the pole vault
Progressions for Teaching and Coaching the Pole Vault

with Tom Hays, University of Kansas Assistant Head Coach/Vertical Jumps Coach; 2011 National Collegiate Pole Vault Coach of the Year; under Hays' direction, a Kansas athlete has won a Big 12 title in the pole vault in 7 of the last 8 years (2008-15)

University of Kansas vertical jumps coach, Tom Hays, takes you 'to school' in the art of learning to fly. With the help of three All-Americans and one Olympic athlete, Coach Hays will show you over 30 drills and exercises that have driven these world class athletes to maximize their abilities.

Coach Hays goes in-depth sharing overlooked strategies, both at the pit and away from the pit, to develop the complete vaulter. Watch and learn as he takes you through specific things you should look for to create taller takeoffs, improve hand and feet involvement, and connect the sprint pattern with the pole, leading to a more aggressive approach, takeoff, and follow through.

Warm-up Drills

The warm-up phase works on basic sprint mechanics that emphasize the approach. Hays covers six essential drills to improve heel lift and recovery, as well as knee and thigh lift for more effective sprint development.

Plant Drills

Developing control at the 'pivot point' is key to successful vaulting. You'll see two drills that will help your athletes improve their hand and feet involvement, which will create taller takeoffs.

Sand Progressions

You will learn a series of six drills that emphasize the objective of plant mechanics using sand progressions. With these drills, you'll also discover how to teach speed through sprint form drills, how to move the pole to vertical, and how to add a dynamic take-off.

Coach Hays takes the athlete into the 2-, 4- and 6-step drills that demonstrate how to make sure your steps are big and aggressive during the approach and take-off. He shows four drills that emphasize riding the pole into the pit. The drills cover in detail:

  • How to get the arms fully extended
  • How to step into the take-off
  • How to stay active
  • How to get hands tall and up

Connection Drills

Coach Hays uses a series of 13 drills in his connection phase to explain how the run, take-off, and movement of the pole determine success for the vault. These drills are used to work on the approach, take-off, follow through, swing technique and taking off from the ground.

Strength Development

Discover why strength work away from the pit will help with pole vaulting skills. Coach Hays uses a series of drills for core and shoulder development - the key to the success of the vaulter.

Finally, you will see it all put together by watching former University of Kansas vaulters perform full approach vaults. Coach Hays will explain how his drills are used in the five steps needed for a successful full vault:

  • How tall athletes run on the runway
  • Rhythm coming into the box
  • How stretched athletes are at take-off
  • How fast athletes swing their trail leg
  • Flexion over the bar with the knees

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic learning progressions of the vault. Coach Hays gives you all the information you need to become a better vaulter and better coach in an easy-to-follow, proven formula for success.

50 minutes. 2015

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Cover: online seasonal training plan: girl's pole vault
Online Seasonal Training Plan: Girl's Pole Vault
with Chris Milton, Eden Prairie (MN) High School Pole Vault Coach;
Coaching pole vault for 12 years; Has coached 3 state champions, 16 all state performances and 22 state qualifiers; Coached the 2005 and 2006 girls state AA pole vault champion to an all-time state meet record (12-9) and a personal best of (13-3), which in 2006 was the 4th best jump in the nation; USATF Level-1 jumps certified

Follow top high school coaches as they share their thoughts and training plans throughout the course of an actual season.

You'll see a compilation of real-time, weekly videos from master coaches detailing the training week for their program. Included are daily breakdowns for every training session of the season all the way through the championship meet!

You'll get:

  • Weekly video journal for an entire season
  • Seasonal goals and objectives (PDF)
  • Seasonal plan with training phases (PDF)
  • Entire season of workouts (PDF)
  • Coaching tips to give your athletes that extra 'winning edge!'

Learn from the best to become your best!

131 minutes. 2015.

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