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Cover: becoming a champion: javelin for girls' track & field
Becoming a Champion: Javelin for Girls' Track & Field
with Debra Farwell, Washington State University;
Farwell's athletes have reached the WSU record book in the javelin each of the past four seasons (2009-12)

Javelin expert Debra Farwell of Washington State University takes you on a step-by-step discourse through the program she uses to develop championship-level throwers.

From warm-up through meet day preparation, Coach Farwell's instruction covers six areas, along with the drills she uses for each segment:

  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • The Runway
  • The Release
  • Meet Day Prep
Warm Up
Coach Farwell and her athletes introduce you to a series of javelin-specific exercises that are designed to completely warm-up your athletes for practice or competition, to build javelin strength and to reduce injury.

In the mechanics segment, Farwell demonstrates three common grips available to the thrower:

  • Finnish Grip
  • American Grip
  • Fork Grip
  • The how and the why are explained for each grip. The grips are designed for the subtle differences in hand size and throwing mechanics.

    Incorporate 11 drills into your workout that improve body positioning for the throw and the release mechanism. Included are valuable coaching points and cue words to help develop championship mechanics.

    Most importantly in this section, Farwell teaches you the safe and correct method for throwing the javelin in order to not only throw far, but to prevent injury.

    While teaching productive runway and cross-over technique, Coach Farwell stresses proper body positioning on the run-way and the kinetic chain required to generate maximum momentum and longer throws. Using a variety of methods, Farwell shows you critical techniques for developing a strong and consistent run-up and release.

    As she teaches the 5-, 7-, and 9-step run-ups, Farwell demonstrates how to add steps and how to know when a thrower is ready to advance to a longer run up. In addition, you'll learn how to prepare the runway on meet day to properly measure your run-up, which allows you to accommodate the various meet surfaces and weather conditions you will encounter.

    Javelin Strength
    Coach Farwell includes a set of 11 strength training drills in three categories:

    • Flexion & Extension
    • Internal & External Shoulder Rotation
    • Forearm Strengthening
    These drills will strengthen the shoulder, elbow, forearm, and the wrist to help you stay injury free and to help produce a more fluid motion and overall better throw.

    You will also see a trouble-shooting discussion on common errors in the javelin.

    This is an outstanding video that will allow you to teach proper javelin throw techniques to beginners and re-emphasize the basics with veteran throwers!

    "This is one of the best javelin videos that I have ever viewed. I think it simplifies some of the more complicated skills needed to be a successful javelin thrower."
    Mike LeMay, M.D.
    USATF Certified Track and Field Coach and sports consultant to multiple NCAA Division 1 track and field programs.
    South Windsor, Connecticut.

    74 minutes. 2013.

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    Cover: arkansas track and field presents common errors and corrections javelin
    Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Javelin
    with Travis Geopfert, University of Arkansas Assistant Coach (field events and multi-events);
    Decathlon coach for the 2009 USA vs. Germany Thorpe Cup; former UNI Head Coach, 2009 MVC Indoor and Outdoor Champions

    University of Arkansas Assistant Coach Travis Geopfert takes you step-by-step through the process of identifying and correcting common mistakes in the javelin. Coach Geopfert pinpoints the errors an athlete may encounter and then provides drills and coaching points to correct the errors and improve technique.

    Geopfert starts with one of the most overlooked areas of javelin training - flexibility. Geopfert shows you eight upper body flexibility drills to increase not only an athlete's range of motion, but strength as well.

    Moving to technique, you will see three of the most common ways to hold the javelin. Using a series of Jav Ball Routines, Coach Geopfert has his athletes demonstrate the correct way to throw the javelin and, in many cases, how to identify technique errors.

    Essential runway technique is covered with a simple progression of approach drills. Focusing on perfecting simple and slower 3 to 5 step drills, Geopfert demonstrates Carries, Crossovers, and Penultimates before advancing to full speed approaches.

    Geopfert uses simple concepts to show you how to get the most from your throws and how to eliminate the mistakes that cost your athletes distance.

    39 minutes. 2013.

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    Cover: texas a&m track & field series - drills and progressions for championship javelin
    Texas A&M Track & Field Series - Drills and Progressions for Championship Javelin
    with Juan De La Garza,
    Texas A&M Assistant Track Coach;
    coach of 2004 NCAA Champion Katy Doyle along with 13 other All-Americans while in his tenure at A&M; All- American javelin thrower for Texas A & M in 1983 and 1984.

    Texas A&M Assistant Coach Juan De La Garza delivers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the development of a total javelin athlete. This breakdown delivers what it takes to become a master of the javelin. This presentation is easy to follow and packed full of useful drills and exercises.

    The training progressions demonstrated by Coach De La Garza will help your throwers become more comfortable and confident with the javelin and its demands. You will learn how to properly hold the javelin, how to flow into the jogging and withdraw phase, the mechanics of a proper run up, and the power position right before the delivery.

    Once the basics have been covered, De La Garza shows you a series of developmental drills starting with pre-throwing stretches. You will be given a comprehensive list of throwing drills, medicine ball drills and circuits, along with a very unique set of wall rack drills. This is followed by some technique-specific Arm Ball and Hammer Drills to develop overall athletic conditioning. One last series of drills titled Moving with the Javelin shows reinforces the skills needed to succeed in this demanding event.

    With over 60 drills and exercises, this DVD is loaded with instruction! The information presented is in a logical order and covers all areas of this specialized event.


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    Cover: world class javelin throw
    World Class Javelin Throw
    with Tom Pukstys,
    2x Olympian and 6x USA Champion;
    and Mike Hazle, 2008 Olympian

    Legendary Javelin thrower Tom Pukstys shares the techniques, drills and strategies that made him the USA's top Javelin thrower for over a decade.

    Following a javelin specific 25+ exercise warm-up, Coach Pukstys breaks his intensive technique instruction into three areas: the power position that details body positioning from the ground up, body angles that are essential to throwing success, and the position and location of the javelin to maximize power for the throw.

    Pukstys emphasizes that the throw is not arm activated, but rather leg and hip activated. He underscores the need for the athlete to feel the separation of the lower and upper body on the throw. Pukstys teaches the release technique of the throw that requires pro-nation with the thumb turning inside.

    Next in the skill progression is the standing throw. In this segment, Pukstys and Hazle focus on a sequence of ground contact, hip, chest and the arm with pro-nation on the follow through.

    Pukstys progresses into movement for the throw. Beginning with a one-step throw and progressing to a three-step throw that adds momentum and pressure along with incorporating the penultimate or impulse step. Pukstys and Hazle discuss the technical aspects of the wrap, a more advanced technique that takes the thrower from a more linear position to a more rotated position.

    You will also see how to set up a successful throwing practice as Pukstys details three throwing workout days: target practice, medium throwing and hard throwing. Pukstys and Hazle move to the weight room where Hazle demonstrates seven javelin specific training exercises that focus on developing explosive elastic power and overall athleticism.

    In addition, Pukstys and Hazle share a breakdown of meet footage that pulls together all aspects of the javelin throw presented into an actual event.

    Throughout the presentation, Pukstys interacts with Hazle by coaching him and seeking feedback from him. This interaction adds a unique perspective for the viewer, garnering both a coach and athlete perspective on the event. Hazle's quest for perfection exudes throughout the presentation and offers a positive example for young athletes in seeing an Olympic level thrower constantly striving to improve.

    57 minutes. 2010.

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    Cover: progressions for teaching the javelin throw
    Progressions for Teaching the Javelin Throw
    with Robert Weir,
    UK National throws Coach

    Of all the throwing events, the javelin exerts the most stress on the body. UK National throws Coach Robert Weir will show you the specific drills and exercises to minimize stress on joints.

    Coach Weir starts out with some basic warm-up drills to get a feel for the javelin and loosen up the arm. He details three different grips used in the javelin throw. Using both a male and female athlete as demonstrators, Weir progresses through a series of run through drills while holding the javelin. This will give your athletes a rhythm and a feel for the javelin while running.

    Several other drills are introduced that work on full running to throwing transition. Agility drills and medicine ball drills used to develop the stretch reflex conclude this comprehensive instructional DVD.

    These drills work on breaking the javelin throw down to its basic components and putting the throw back together to improve stretch reflex, footwork, running speed and transition to release to optimize your throw.

    35 minutes. 2010.

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