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Cover: don babbitt's teaching progression for the discus
Don Babbitt's Teaching Progression for the Discus

with Don Babbitt,
University of Georgia Associate Head Coach - Throws;
has coached 29 NCAA Champions and 139 All-Americans;
has coached 53 throwers who have competed at the Olympic Games & World Championships;
his throwers have won 21 medals in international competition and 20 titles at the USA Championships;
2009 USTFCCCA East Region Men's Throws Coach of the Year;
2007 USTFCCCA East Region Women's Throws Coach of the Year;
2003 USTFCCCA National Assistant Coach of the Year;
over 35 years of coaching experience

and demonstrator Denzel Comenentia,
2019 NCAA First Team Outdoor All-American (Discus);
2018 and 2019 SEC Outdoor Commissioner's Trophy (High Point Scorer);
2019 USTFCCCA South Region Co-Men's Outdoor Field Athlete of the Year;
2018 Bowerman Award Semifinalist;
2018 USTFCCCA National Men's Outdoor Field Athlete of the Year;
2018 NCAA Outdoor Meet High Point Scorer (20 Points);
2018 USTFCCCA South Region Men's Outdoor Field Athlete of the Year;
2018 USTFCCCA South Region Men's Indoor Field Athlete of the Year

Don Babbitt is certainly one of the most accomplished throws coaches in the world, having coached 29 NCAA Champions and 53 athletes who have competed at the Olympics and World Championships. The University of Georgia Associate Head Coach simply knows what it takes to build dominant throwers.

This video featuring Coach Babbitt will give you a logical progression that you can use to turn your discus throwers into the best version of themselves. You'll get tips on how to grip and release the discus, as well as a series of drills that build from individual portions of the throw into the full form to ensure your throwers utilize the best technique for maximum distance.

Discus Progression

Babbitt begins by concentrating on how to hold and release the discus. He and featured demonstrator Denzel Comenentia (the 2019 NCAA First Team Outdoor All-American in the discus) take their time detailing what to look for to achieve the perfect grip. Once athletes get the grip down, they can move on to techniques like bowling the discus and releasing in the air to develop the feel for a well-thrown discus.

Next, you'll see drills that add piece-by-piece to the throwing motion until athletes have built up to a full throw. Drills include:

  • Front Throw
  • Stand Throw
  • Double Pivot Drill
  • 180 Degree Drill
  • Step-In Drill
  • South African
  • 90-180-270-360 Degree Progression
  • Full Turn to Power Position
  • Full Throw

Rounding out the drill work portion of the video is Coach Babbitt's approach to the footwork wrap, which helps athletes work on the timing of moving their feet while throwing as well as getting their sweep leg out far enough.

Discus Theory

The final 10 minutes of Babbitt's presentation includes his thoughts on the biomechanics, orbital path, and acceleration pattern of the discus. Coaches who want to base their training on science and analytics will appreciate Coach Babbitt's whiteboard breakdown because he gets into the data that has helped him churn out champion throwers on a yearly basis.

This is the first time that Coach Babbitt has released his discus training progression in an instructional video, and any coach seeking drills and information that will help them train better discus throwers will find the content inside immensely beneficial. Improve your results in the discus event today!

59 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: the best of championship productions - track & field: 65+ discus drills
The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 65+ Discus Drills


  • John Frazier - UCLA Assistant Coach
  • Carrie Lane - University of Nebraska Throws Coach
  • Brian Bedard - Colorado State University Head Coach
  • Larry Judge - former USATF Coaching Education National Throws Chairman
  • Jim Aikens - Fremd High School (IL) Head Boys Coach
  • Jim Garnham - University of Buffalo Assistant Coach/Throws
  • John Ridgeway - Central Michigan University Throws Coach
  • Travis Geopfert - University of Tennessee Associate Head Coach

This video, which features a plethora of drills from some of the best discus coaches in the country, is a detailed and technical approach of development for the discus thrower. The variety of experienced coaches within the video provide drills that emphasize warm up, footwork, balance, and throwing technique through all phases of the discus circle. You'll get clear, content-focused discussion and correction with an emphasis on drill progression and the fundamental components that are necessary to become a successful discus thrower.

Warm Ups

In order to help athletes perform at their best, it's important to have a great warm up. In this segment, John Frazier leads off with some turning drills outside of the circle to help athletes work on basic rotation principles. Carrie Lane also takes her thrower through the Overhead Back and Between the Legs Forward toss to add some ballistic movements to the warm up. Additionally, Brian Bedard demonstrates hurdle mobility drills, including executing turns over hurdles to improve coordination, posture and balance.

Full Throws, Middle Ring Focus

The middle of the ring is important in the discus. Executing good movement through the middle helps a thrower develop power and set their hips up correctly as they enter the power position. To help athletes master this part of the event, John Frazier demonstrates several full throws, breaking down proper positioning, while discussing common errors that occur in the middle of the ring and their corrections.

The Release

There are three things that determine how far a discus will travel: the angle of release, height, and velocity. In this segment, Travis Geopfert discusses how to build the perfect release using sequential timing to teach the release from the ground up.

This video is packed with over two hours of drills, cues, and corrections from some of the world's top coaches. At the end, Coach Bedard puts it all together, finishing with full throws and reverses while pointing out proper positioning, sequencing, and cues to help athletes complete the perfect throw.

This video is a must-have for any throws coach working with beginner to intermediate athletes. The coaches expertly break the discus down in a clear and concise way that will allow you to teach your own athletes like a pro. If you're looking for an edge in your discus teaching program, look no further!

137 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: shot put & discus throw: training & technical phase-based approach to seasonal planning
Shot Put & Discus Throw: Training & Technical Phase-Based Approach to Seasonal Planning

with Mike Judge, Throw 1 Deep Club Head Coach; USATF Level 5 coach; 2013 National High School Coach of the Year; National Junior Pan American Coach of the Year (2013 ); Atlanta Track Club High School Coach of the Year (2012); USATFGA Club Coach of the Year (2011)

In this video, throws coach Mike Judge showcases his approach to training discus and shot put throwers at the high school level. He explains his approach to linear periodization and how he utilizes these principles to ensure that his athletes continuously make progress during the competitive season. Additionally, Judge explains how he approaches peaking for championship meets.

You'll learn how to structure workouts during the pre-season, competition season, and championship phase of a full track season. Judge also explains the science behind "peaking" and how to apply this knowledge to create an advantage for your athletes.

Strength Training

Coach Judge explains the overall training emphasis during the pre-season, competitive, and championship phases of the season and demonstrates several exercises that he uses in the weight room with his athletes. You'll learn:

  • How to apply the principles of linear periodization to your strength training program and how to link the strength training program to the technical training for the throwing events.
  • Proper technique and coaching points for various exercises performed in the weight room.
  • How to modify exercise selection and set/rep schemes for the peaking phases.

Drills and Technique

Judge, with the help of some of his athletes, demonstrates several drills that teach proper fundamentals in both the discus and shot put. He also explains how to adjust for volume and intensity of drill work so that practice is planned in a manner that ensures athletes can make progress the entire season. You'll get:

  • Discus drills such as: arm strike, stand throws, wheel drill, and full throws from various positions.
  • Shot put drills such as: arm strike, reverse stand throws, A drill, stand throws, and full throws using a glide technique.

Coach Judge does an excellent job of presenting a technical approach to training high school shot put and discus throwers. This video will provide what you need to give your athletes an edge on the competition in the seasons ahead!

42 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: dynamic drills and teaching progression for the discus
Dynamic Drills and Teaching Progression for the Discus

with John Dagata,
USA Olympic Training Center Resident Throws Coach (Chula Vista, CA);
USATF Level I, Level II and Level III Certified Coach; IAAF Level 5 Throws Coach

The discus is a complex event with too many moving parts to simply go out and do it without training. USA Olympic Training Center Resident Throws Coach John Dagata shares his teaching progression that will allow you to break apart and focus on the various components of the discus throw so you can develop mastery of the numerous parts of the throw, but also fuse them together into the whole.

Dagata presents a progression of 18 drills that he uses to enhance an athlete's ability to throw the discus further; then discusses the speed, strength, and general training of athletes to take them to a higher level.

Step-By-Step Training Method

Learn a step-by-step method that breaks the discuss technique into individual components that each athlete must master to have good technique in the discus throw. Coach Dagata presents the following drills:

  • Stand Throws - Starts with three variations of the stand throw, teaching the fundamentals of release with a focus on extension and transfer into throw.
  • Step-In Throws - After establishing the final position the thrower is trying to get to, three variations of step-in throws are presented to enhance an athlete's ability to develop linear displacement for greater impulse generation at release.
  • Static Throws - Dagata takes the viewer through six variations of a discus throw from a static start to improve an athlete's balance and control.
  • Full Throws - In the final progression of producing a whole throw, six methods of the full throw are taught, allowing the athlete to load the left leg and sweep the right at the start, building greater momentum from the wind into the throw.

Correcting Technique Flaws

Throughout the presentation, Coach Dagata points out specific technique flaws and ways to fix them. Some of the common flaws that Dagata points out include:

  • Landing on the heel of the front foot in the pivot.
  • A throw that is not down the middle of the sector.
  • How to determine if your athlete gets enough width in their entry.

Training and Conditioning

In this section, you'll get Dagata's thoughts on weight training, use of general strength circuits and weight room circuit training, as well as thoughts on medicine ball work and the proper ratio of throws to drills that young throwers should follow.

If you or one of your athletes is looking to improve in the discus throw, this complete guide from Coach Dagata will help maximize success!

48 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: teaching and coaching the discus throw
Teaching and Coaching the Discus Throw
with Jim Garnham,
University of Buffalo Assistant Coach/Throws;
Coach of 2015 NCAA National Champion Jon Jones (shot put);
3x USTFCCCA Northeast Regional Coach of the Year; 30 years as a high school coach, finishing with at least one state champion each year during his final 10 years coaching (1992-2001).

The discus throw is one of the most challenging field events. University of Buffalo throws coach, Jim Garnham, provides basic instruction in teaching the progressions of the discus throw that will benefit all throws coaches.

Coach Garham demonstrates a series of 15 drills that can be used as a tool to develop an effective discus program. These drills cover everything from developing an event-specific warm up, to proper release positions that will help an athlete "sling" the discus more powerfully to drastically improve their throws. Coach Garnham, breaks down the major aspects of the event, from grip and release, to driving from the back of the circle; providing drills, instructions, and personal insights on the importance of each segment of the throw.

Active Warm-Up Routine and Strength Training

Learn the importance of properly warming up and how to design a routine to improve flexibility and mobility in your throwers. Coach Garnham provides the routines and training techniques that have helped him develop multiple nationally-recognized high school and college throwers. He identifies the major elements of a progressive warm up, which includes hurdle mobility drills designed to improve hip flexibility to a variety of band stretches and dynamically activate the upper body.

Teaching the Spin

In the discus, the ability to spin powerfully while maintaining control can lead to significant improvements in the event. To teach proper spin mechanics, Coach Garnham outlines a variety of activities, beginning with Continuous 180's, which are designed to teach athletes the basics of rotation. He progresses through a series of more challenging drills, building up to full throws. Throughout the progression, Coach Garnham discusses body position and shares valuable insights on subtle cues that can drastically improve stability and rotation, such as squeezing the knees, or dorsi-flexing the foot to improve knee bend during the turn.

Coach Garnham also provides simple, easy-to-use, helpful drills that will add those few extra feet to your athletes' best throw. Notable drills include the Wheel Drill, South African Drill and Bowling Pin Drill.

Identify and Correct Common Throwing Errors

You will learn several common mistakes that throwers make and how to identify their main causes. Using one of his current throwers to demonstrate both the error and corrective exercise, Coach Garnham outlines coaching cues and simple drills to fix each error from the ground up, providing drills that can be used both in and out of the circle to improve performance. Even experienced throwers will benefit from Coach Garnham's insights.

Coach Garnham is an engaging instructor who breaks the discus throw into easy-to-understand steps and progressions that all throwing coaches will benefit from. Keeping a simple, positive approach seems to be the secret to his athletes' successes.

54 minutes. 2016.

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