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Cover: indi cowie: learn freestyle soccer
Indi Cowie: Learn Freestyle Soccer
with Indi Cowie, Professional Soccer Freestyler
Indi has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America and has been featured on ESPN, AOL's "You've Got." and the "Talented Youth of America" edition of the New York Times Magazine; performed at halftime in front of 76,000 fans during a Man Utd and Chelsea match at Old Trafford

Freestyle soccer combines sport with art. It's a way for athletes to be creative and have fun while perfecting their soccer skills. Professional Soccer Freestyler, Indi Cowie, reveals over 20 of her favorite freestyle soccer moves that you can practice and perfect.

Indi teaches and demonstrates a variety of freestyle soccer moves including stalls, catches, and juggles. These moves speed up your foot skills in a fun, challenging environment.

With Indi's in-depth explanation and progressions, you will learn the key techniques, breakdowns and tricks you need to successfully perform each move.

As a coach, you can use these concepts to keep your players engaged in practice and eager to work with the ball. Freestyle soccer dramatically improves a player's first touch. Regular soccer "juggling" and keepy-up improves control of the ball in only 2-dimensions. Freestyle soccer provides 3-dimensional ball movement and improves a player's ability to control the ball quickly from any area around their body and with any surface.

Freestyle soccer also significantly improves a player's confidence with a ball and develops a creative mind set. It also encourages players to spend time working with a ball on their own - ALL YOU NEED IS A BALL!

Have fun and push your boundaries as a soccer player while being creative and developing your first touch on the ball. See what new freestyle soccer moves you can learn and perform using this world class presentation!

58 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: transition soccer: play fast, play with numbers
Transition Soccer: Play Fast, Play with Numbers
with Doug Elder, Midwestern State University Head Coach;
winningest active coach in NCAA Division II soccer; 7x conference champions; 6x Regional Coach of the Year

Your team's ability to play fast creates positive numbers when you attack. By coaching with an emphasis on getting numbers forward, Doug Elder has led his team to success after success as they gain advantage at the point of transition.

Coach Elder shares a set of fast-paced drills that he uses to coach his players to always be moving and thinking at full speed. This develops the mindset required to create "numbers up" situations to gain advantage on the soccer field. Coach Elder's drills achieve two goals: Increasing the size of the grid works the counter attack and also enhances fitness levels. Starting with basic concepts and building to functional game play, you'll learn how to train players to consistently build numerical advantages as soon as they gain ball control. Here are just a few of the drills included in this exciting presentation:

  • 1v1 to goal - Executed at game speed, this drill develops an attacking mindset when transitioning from defense to offense or vice versa.
  • 2v1 - This is a fast-paced drill that presents game-like situations where an attacker could make a pass.
  • Transition drill - Players work on possession while playing fast to develop a great touch, communication, and transitioning fast from offense to defense.
  • 5v5 game - Players must play the ball forward to their striker before they can score, forcing them to look forward and attack the defense.

Before moving to an on-field demonstration, Coach Elder uses animated graphics to stress his coaching points. He also shows how to vary drills to get the desired results. His drills are progressive, easy to transition between and enjoyable for players execute. A secondary benefit of Coach Elder's drills is the conditioning element. The fast-paced transition requires players to stay connected to the play to give 100 percent lest they let their teammates down.

This is a great presentation for coaches who want to see their players practicing at full speed while executing simple drills.

79 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: coaching methods & strategies for soccer
Coaching Methods & Strategies for Soccer
with Corbin Stone, Pleasant Valley (IA) High School Head Boys Soccer Coach;
former Drake University Head Women's Soccer Coach;
3x Missouri Valley Conference Women's Soccer Coach of the Year, 4x Missouri Valley Conference Champions; Iowa Youth Soccer Association Coach of the Year (1999)

Being a successful coach means helping different types of players understand the basic skills and concepts involved in playing the game. Coaching Methods for Soccer provides a brief overview of the communication tools and methods required to teach various techniques and tactics in soccer.

Knowing the X's and O's is only part of the battle. Understanding all the coaching points and mechanics involved with the skills and techniques of soccer is not enough to articulate and transmit that knowledge. You need to know how to expose players to your expertise. Different players and circumstances require different teaching methods. Some players respond better to seeing the technique or concept in action while others learn by hearing about it.

Coach Stone highlights four basic methods to better reach your players and become a more effective and efficient coach. With each method, you get five different communication tools. Each method also features practice footage that clearly illustrates the communication tool, showing you the benefits and how to implement it.

Players cannot meet your expectations if they do not understand them. The best way for your athletes to understand them is to practice; to work on the problems they are having. Simply providing solutions to the problems is not enough; players need to see, feel, hear, and practice these in environments where you are directing and managing the learning process. Several methods can be used to better teach and reach your players. When coaches can clearly, effectively and efficiently articulate their expectations and knowledge, their players are more likely to implement ideas, techniques and skills that lead to greater results and understanding.

Coaches are teachers, artists and scientists. The field is their classroom, canvass and laboratory. As a coach, you cannot be a one-trick pony. This presentation offers ways for you to become a more effective communicator, demonstrator and educator on the field.

47 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: technical skills for soccer: passing and receiving
Technical Skills for Soccer: Passing and Receiving
with Corbin Stone, Pleasant Valley (IA) High School Head Boys Soccer Coach;
former Drake University Head Women's Soccer Coach;
3x Missouri Valley Conference Women's Soccer Coach of the Year, 4x Missouri Valley Conference Champions; Iowa Youth Soccer Association Coach of the Year (1999)

To achieve success and play faster, players must know how to receive and pass the ball accurately, effectively and efficiently under pressure. Using technical execution in isolation, Corbin Stone shares coaching points and highlights the mechanics involved in performing various passing and receiving techniques. He breaks down how to properly pass the ball over a short distance and long distance, the proper technique to strike a ball with the inside and outside portion of your feet, and how to make a ball you've just received go in the direction you want.

Coach Stone begins with live practice footage of his youth team. Then, moving through an analysis of practice footage of older players and finally on to his own real-time, slow-motion demonstrations of the techniques being emphasized, he provides thorough, detailed instruction in six areas:

Inside Foot Passing
Coach Stone breaks down the proper way to approach a ball and how to keep it on the ground. He also discusses how to open up your ankle and knee, which are important to keeping the ball on the ground and striking through the middle of the ball.

Outside Foot Passing
In this progression from the inside foot, Coach Stone shares passing drills using the outside portion of the foot, which can create deception during a game. He shows how to bend the ball around a defender or into a player's run. Again, the approach to the ball is important. A straight on approach makes it harder for the defender to tell which foot you will use to pass.

Passing Over Distance on the Ground
The passing drill teaches players how to keep the ball on the ground over a certain distance. To be able to keep the ball on the ground is important for the receiving player. The technique used is to approach the ball at an angle or straight on.

Passing Over Distance in the Air
In the air it's important to swing from the hip and get your foot underneath the ball to make it airborne. Follow through and point of contact is also important, as this segment demonstrates.

Receiving the Ball on the Ground
This receiving drill is done using the inside part of your foot and opening your body. It's also effective for making the first touch away from a defender to set up the next pass or dribble.

Receiving the Ball out of the Air
In this partners' drill, one player serves and the other player works on the technique. After the ball has been served, the receiver takes it out of the air with their chest or foot. The two techniques used in this drill are the inside part of the foot and outside part of the foot to touch away from pressure.

Using clear, effective language and a blend of practice footage, video analysis, and real-time, slow motion demonstration, Coach Stone gives you and your players a wealth of resources for improving two essential components of the modern game.

64 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: technical skills for soccer: attacking
Technical Skills for Soccer: Attacking
with Corbin Stone, Pleasant Valley (IA) High School Head Boys Soccer Coach;
former Drake University Head Women's Soccer Coach;
3x Missouri Valley Conference Women's Soccer Coach of the Year, 4x Missouri Valley Conference Champions; Iowa Youth Soccer Association Coach of the Year (1999)

In the modern game of soccer, teams are using more flexible, adaptive defenses. As a result, teams must be able to attack in a variety of ways and understand the concepts involved in countering, transitioning quickly, circulating and building play, combining and making the final pass to score goals.

Teams must understand specific ways to create and score goals. In this presentation, Corbin Stone covers:

  • width and depth in attack
  • countering on the break
  • circulating the ball and building
  • setting and adjusting the pace of the game
  • attacking and combining in the final third
  • movement off the ball in attack
  • improvising in attack

Many presentations on attacking soccer focus on only one aspect of play, such as the counter attack. Coach Stone uses five different activities to focus on several different principles of play.

There's no need to purchase separate videos on how to counter, how to combine in final third, how and when to slow pace of game down. This presentation is an all-in-one package that will help your players attack more efficiently and effectively.

91 minutes. 2015.

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