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Cover: conditioning drills with the ball for youth soccer
Conditioning Drills with the Ball for Youth Soccer
with Jason Sisneros,
University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Soccer Coach and Director of Match Analysis;
youth soccer coach for 17+ years

The overall goal of Jason Sisneros' presentation is to use the soccer ball to enhance fitness levels. The drills designed to meet this goal can be done individually, as partners or by the entire team. Players learn how to maximize their touches on the ball as a way to both improve their level of play and meet fitness goals.

Line Drills
Coach Sisneros uses line drills for multiple repetitions and fitness enhancement. Being light on your feet and using proper body work is a point of instruction in this area. Step-overs, ball hops and scissor moves are the fundamentals of good footwork and a short work-to-rest ratio.

Turning Series
Learn how to utilize large spaces for multiple touches and repetitions. Turns, chops, scissors and turning-on-the-move are important elements of good soccer technique. The addition of the passing technique also keeps players on the move.

Gator Game Series
This series helps coaches incorporate conditioning into their possession and transition work in practice. Multiple aspects of technique, passing and receiving and keeping the ball are covered.

Three Team Possession Series
This fast-paced transition game keeps the ball moving and challenges players to maintain possession in game-like situations .

Gauntlet Game Series
This 1v1 game requires an attacker to beat multiple defenders using technical skills. This game builds combativeness into your attackers and defenders.

Finishing Drills Series
Placement over power is the ideal way to get quality shots on goal. This series includes two finishing drills that give players opportunities to shoot and gets your goalkeepers reps, as well.

Games Series
Learn ways to emphasize on goal scoring and defending. Players need to learn how to work together and to be aware of what's going on in all areas. The game series enhances players' organization and communication skills. More space and more players are used, as well.

Coach Sisneros' presentation shows several different ways that soccer balls can be used to enhance fitness using individual, partner and full team drills.

All levels of coach and athlete can benefit from the material in this presentation.

45 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: breakdown activities for youth soccer
Breakdown Activities for Youth Soccer
with Jason Sisneros,
University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Soccer Coach and Director of Match Analysis;
youth soccer coach for 17+ years

Jason Sisneros knows what youth players need to improve - a good technical foundation. In this presentation, he shows creative ideas that payers can work on during non-practice times by themselves to build on team skills. Coach Sisneros presents several drills that will improve your players' technical foundation and touch on the ball in a challenging and fun environment.

Basic Cone Weave:
Coach Sisneros starts with the basic weave, which allows for lots of touches on the ball. Players alternate between inside and outside of foot, working on keeping close control. Not only does this provide repetition on the technical aspects of foot skills, but it encourages players to be creative and dynamic with the ball. The drill progress to more advanced touches, ie: foot rolls, scissors, step overs.

Gate Dribbling:
This drill progression starts with basic dribbling, and progresses to change of direction in an open field, change of direction in a tight space, and change of pace. It incorporates moves learned earlier in the video to show progression.

Passing Drills:
This series focuses on receiving the ball cleanly and playing a good pass. It begins with 10-yard target passing between player and coach, increasing distance to ensure accuracy. Coach Sisneros uses a series of activities using gates and to simulate defenders, and emphasizes a good first touch to prepare the ball for the pass. Checking to the ball and other variations are added to the drill to increase intensity, difficulty, and to make the drill more game like.

Finishing Drills
The final series of drills focuses on finishing - all these finishing activities build on the previous drills. They include a receiving, dribbling, and a finishing element, adding technical repetition as well as making the situation more game like. Finishing around cones, finishing through gates, and the McBride drill all stress good touches and good technical finishing, low and to the far post.

These drills also increase soccer fitness with constant movement and ball touches for the individual player!

With the help of Coach Sisneros' video, players will learn that they can take practice ideas and continue to further their skills outside of the designated practice times.

78 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: drill progressions for youth soccer
Drill Progressions for Youth Soccer
with Jason Sisneros,
University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Soccer Coach and Director of Match Analysis;
youth soccer coach for 17+ years

North Carolina Assistant Coach Jason Sisneros provides challenging, fun drills and progressions to move players through 1-ball, 1-player activities all the way up to multi-player games that involve the full team. Sisneros works with a team of youth players modeling both the progressions the players move through in drills and the progressive nature of instruction and motivation the coach provides. After laying out the fundamental aspects/principles of drill progression, Coach Sisneros uses practice footage with an advanced youth team to introduce a series of passing, shooting, and "match-realistic" game progressions.

Coach Sisneros moves players through a Zig-Zag warm-up and passing drill that allows multiple variations; he introduces three other progressive passing drills, including a 4v1 Diamond drill that the These drills help emphasize player communication and movement. By increasing the numbers of soccer balls, changing the players' runs and stressing playing without mistakes, players will develop a level of focus that will lead to excellent match play. The end result will be smart soccer team who are always moving to the right position.North Carolina women's program has used as part of its pre-game warm-up for the past two seasons.

Players move through individual shooting drills (Bend It, Drive It) up to increasingly complex, multiple-player drills (Near, Far, Slot; Four Corners; Bogeys in the Sky; Team Trains Keeper) that increase variability, movement, and decision-making on and off the ball. Coach Sisneros models ways to heighten urgency and match-like stress for players.

Multiple-player games, including a 7v7 Variation game and the "Arsenal Games" blend of progressions/restrictions, allow players to test their skills in games, and allow the coach to target specific team needs and points of emphasis.

Coach Sisneros's is an excellent teacher with a passion for teaching the game. His clear, thoughtful teaching to youth players of drills and games used at the highest levels of soccer will benefit all levels of players and coaches.

128 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: building a season plan and a practice plan for youth soccer
Building a Season Plan and a Practice Plan for Youth Soccer
with Jason Sisneros,
University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Soccer Coach and Director of Match Analysis;
youth soccer coach for 17+ years

North Carolina Assistant Coach Jason Sisneros provides an overview of fundamental themes and principles for organizing youth practices over the course of a season. He highlights the importance of technical assessment and data gathering, and discusses specific mental training concepts in addition to the importance of getting player and family buy-in to your program.

Coach Sisneros introduces seven components to consider in planning your team's practices for a season, including the establishment of team principles; the evaluation, training, and assessment of technical ability; and the introduction of tactical concepts, among others. These suggestions will help the coach stay focused on his vision for the players' individual improvement and their improvement as a team

Coach Sisneros stresses the importance of technical assessment and data gathering, focusing on age-appropriate technical skills and the importance of re-evaluation and adaptation based on the season's progression and player performance in games.

Discover several specific techniques to train the mental game of your players and help them visualize key components of performance. Coach Sisneros highlights the importance of communication between coach and player, coach and families, and players in talking to themselves.

Coach Sisneros's detailed analysis of how to establish fundamental principles for your team, follow through with technical skills over the course of a season, and train mental and communication development of players and teams will help youth coaches at all levels.

49 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: offensive and defensive systems for youth soccer
Offensive and Defensive Systems for Youth Soccer
with Jason Sisneros, University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

North Carolina Assistant Coach Jason Sisneros provides an overview of fundamental principles for effective defending and attacking at the youth level. He then analyzes systemic applications of those principles with a variety of formations, including the 3-4-3 and 4-4-2.

After laying out the fundamental principles of offense and defense and their systemic applications, Coach Sisneros uses practice footage with two youth players to present foundational one- and two-player technical drills and variations.

Coach Sisneros introduces the defensive elements of pressure, cover and balance. He analyzes how these elements can be implemented through a variety of systems of play, with particular focus on the 3-4-3 and 4-4-2 formations. Player positioning for the three lines of attack, midfield, and defense and off-ball awareness are stressed.

The essential attacking principles of width and depth are highlighted by Coach Sisneros, who elaborates on how different systems of play -- including the 3-4-3 and 4-4-2 -- can achieve these key strategic elements during a game. The roles of all three lines -- defense, midfield, and attack -- are covered.

Using two players and practice footage, Coach Sisneros presents 12 fundamental drills that develop technical skills, including Hook Turn Patters, Repetitive and Off-Post Finishing, 12-Part Juggling, and seven different components of Pele Touches. Coach Sisneros demonstrates ways to make drill conditions increasingly game-like for players.

Coach Sisneros's analysis of how to establish fundamental principles and apply them to specific systems of play, along with his presentation of a dozen technical youth drills, will be beneficial for coaches and teams at the beginner and intermediate levels.

38 minutes (27 minutes of bonus footage). 2014.

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