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Cover: juggling, ball control, & tactical skills
Juggling, Ball Control, & Tactical Skills
with Tadeu Dias,
former professional player and coach (Brazil), KC Mystics Head Coach, U.S. Soccer, "A" License

This fantastic instructional DVD will benefit soccer coaches, soccer players, and soccer parents! Juggling . we have all seen how the "masters" of soccer can keep the ball alive with their feet, thigh, head, and so on . but can this impressive skill: 1) Help performance in the game of soccer?, and 2) Be taught? The answer to both is a definitive "Yes!" Dias demonstrates his juggling skills, and then demonstrates training routines and teaching methods that will aid in learning the mastery of these skills and how the skills can benefit your total game! He also shares his teaching points on ball control, tactical skills, and decision-making using a talented young group of youth soccer players demonstrating while Dias teaches and demonstrates. A great teaching tool.

60 minutes. 2002.

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Cover: maximizing your talent for soccer success
Maximizing Your Talent for Soccer Success
with Sean Holmes,
Drake University Head Coach;
2009 Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament,
2009 Ranked #7 in the nation Scoring Offense

How can you create a successful soccer team with players of varying levels of talent, experience and athletic ability? Sean Holmes gives you an inside look at how to systematically develop your team into a smarter, more effective entity. Coach Holmes delivers a teaching progression that runs from simple to complex that will help maximize your team's potential through individual technique, small group training and full team dynamics.

Disc 1

  • Warm-up Exercises
  • Technical Passing Exercises
  • Possession Exercises
Disc 2
  • 5 vs. 2 Possession
  • 5 vs. 2 Release to Goal
  • 4 vs. 2 Release from Wing
  • Free Play
  • Game Footage

Sean Holmes presents eight cooperative, competitive and team-building warm-up exercises and progressive variations that maximize touches on the ball.

Holmes works his players through five technical passing exercises that have tactical implications, while encouraging his players to "play the way they face" to help relieve defensive pressure. These passing exercises involve receiving one- and two-touch passes from both the ground and in the air while under pressure. Holmes shows you why and how to implement an up-back-through passing pattern.

Use Holmes' game-like possession exercises to reinforce concepts from the previous exercises. As the athletes run through each exercise, Holmes passes along coaching tips on how to maximize practice time, emphasize proper fundamentals, develop game fitness, implement tactical concepts and more.

He explains how to develop leadership in experienced athletes and how to utilize those leaders to dictate team expectations and concepts to the inexperienced athletes on the squad. Holmes teaches you how to study the exercises in order to identify each player's style of play, role on the team and skill level.

You will gain an understanding of why and how to employ variations of these exercises to mold your athletes' roles and styles of play to accentuate team concepts. Holmes distinguishes between technical and tactical errors as they occur during the exercises, showing you how to correct each as they occur.


In disc 2, Holmes presents ways of contextualizing possession exercises to the broader game.

Coach Holmes takes to the whiteboard to illustrate offensive exercises prior to each drill being demonstrated on the field. He emphasizes the importance of small technical details, such as spacing, clean touches, body angle when receiving passes and many more that are crucial to success.

Holmes begins practice with small possession games that transition to offensive attack options. He walks you through a variety of ways to build offensive attacks that begin from the defensive line and the wing areas to take advantage of the up-back-through passing pattern that is drilled extensively throughout the video.

The exercises start small and simple in order to build confidence and understanding in the athletes. As the video continues, the exercises become progressively more difficult and game-like. Finally, Holmes puts all of the concepts together into a full scrimmage.

During the exercises, Holmes works with his athletes to maintain possession through simplicity by playing away from defensive pressure, reducing touches on the ball, circulating the ball from one side of the field to the other, extending their vision, reading the game and acting decisively. Holmes ends by analyzing game footage and identifying the principles that were taught in this video as they occur in game settings.

Be prepared for any game situation this season.

219 minutes. 2010.

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Cover: advanced handling and extension diving for goalkeepers
Advanced Handling and Extension Diving for Goalkeepers
with Jason Hamilton, Troy University Head Women's Soccer Coach;
former University of Florida Assistant Coach/Goalkeepers, former assistant coach with the Boston Breakers of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL)

Training your goalkeepers to make the tough saves can mean the difference between winning and losing. Coach Hamilton shows you how to design training sessions for your goalkeepers that will maximize their goal coverage and give them the edge to make a reaction save when the time comes.

Former University of Florida Assistant Coach Jason Hamilton covers all the coaching points for each drill before he starts each session. He then demonstrates, through actual practice footage, how to develop the drills so that your goalkeepers can build confidence, fitness and skill as they prepare to handle every difficult shot. Key coaching points include:

  • Using drills to develop advanced ball-handling skills
  • Improving reaction time on point blank shots
  • Teaching keepers to dive through the ball when making a save
  • Creating games to simulate game situations
  • Challenging the shooter to force a wide or early shot

Coach Hamilton puts his keepers through their paces as he applies drills for warm-ups, drills to improve techniques, and games to work on applying those skills at full speed. The goalkeepers demonstrate how to improve handling through rebounds, reactions, and challenging the shooter. They also demonstrate drills to improve extension diving, stretching your range out past the goal posts.

Before each training segment, Hamilton breaks down the drills and clearly explains the purpose for each one. This video also includes several competitive games you can play with your keepers that reinforce and apply the drills.

This is an excellent video for the coaches of advanced players who already have some experience at the goalkeeper position.

86 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: all access softball practice with beth torina
All Access Softball Practice with Beth Torina
with Beth Torina, LSU Head Coach;
former Head Coach at Florida International; 2x Sunbelt Conference Coach of the Year; former Head coach of the USSSA Florida Pride of the National Pro Fastpitch League

This All Access DVD offers a rare opportunity to step into a high-level college softball practice and see the drills they use to compete successfully at an elite level. The team focuses on skills to enhance individual performance, and then the coach brings them together to practice as a team. Watch as they go through warm-ups, conditioning drills, base-running drills, batting practice, position specific drills and team situational drills. Every aspect of the game is addressed with strategies that you can immediately put into your practice to get the most out of your players.

The LSU practice begins in the bullpen. First, the pitchers perform several drills designed to perfect the break points of their pitches. Later, the catchers practice their blocking and framing skills. The team comes together to work on base running, angles on extra base hits and lead offs at different bases. Finally, the infielders go through their warm-up routine and prepare for infield practice where they work on fielding ground balls using position-specific drills. They also practice coverage of the short game.

The LSU softball practice continues with hitting. The hitters practice their mental approaches to different scenarios, such as a runner at second base, a runner at third base and, finally, with bases loaded. To complete each scenario successfully, the ball is hit to a different spot. Practice continues with warm-up throws for outfielders. Next, do-or-die plays on ground balls and balls hit to the gaps are practiced. The session shifts to the batting cages where infielders go through a hitting circuit, rotating through several stations to practice weight transfer, follow-through and ball placement. Practice concludes with a full team scrimmage.

Day 2 of LSU softball practice begins with the pitchers warming up in the bullpen, playing a pitching game that involves hitting the corners of the plate. Base running follows as players work on reads at different bases and how to react to different types of hit balls. The team then splits up by position groups with outfielders practicing fence drills and infielders working on their range with balls hit to their sides. Full-field defense follows; infielders and outfielders work on "in-betweeners" and communication. In the final segment, infielders play against outfielders for points.

In this final installment from LSU softball, the team focuses on hitting. Practice begins with situational hitting drills that similar to the scenarios practiced on the previous day, that is, a runner at second base, a runner at third base and, finally, with bases loaded. Coach Dobson emphasizes pitch selection as the critical element in success. Practice shifts to the batting cage where the rest of the LSU hitters rotate through several hitting and bunting drills. Practice ends with a conditioning segment that includes several agility exercises with a focus on lateral explosiveness.

Watching this DVD will any coach-novice or seasoned-learn drills and techniques that will push players to the next level of competition.

237 minutes (2 DVDs). 2014.

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Cover: all access florida soccer practice
All Access Florida Soccer Practice
with Becky Burleigh, University of Florida Head Coach;
1998 NCAA Champions; 1998 NSCAA National Coach of the Year; 4x SEC Coach of the Year; 12x SEC Champions; over 400 career wins, ranks third among all D-I active coaches in winning percentage

Teaching effective tactics to your team is important. Teaching them how to execute tactics in a winning environment with proven coaching methods is even better. This All-Access video showcases the University of Florida Women's training sessions. Each disc provides a full and comprehensive practice session and includes a team discussion in where players and coaches share ideas as they strive to improve their performance.

Disc 1:
Key coaching points presented in this session include:

  • Walking players through their offensive and defensive roles and responsibilities on goal kicks
  • Identifying where to hold the line of defense on free kicks
  • Recognizing key situations that will help your team play out of trouble
  • Coaching small-sided tactics to improve team technical speed
  • Timing and positioning of attackers when making scoring runs
  • Increasing the number of scoring opportunities that start from flank play

In this practice session, the coaching staff details effective ways to defend against your opponent's goal kicks and how to initiate the attack from your own team's goal kicks. The practice moves into attacking and defending free kicks near the goal. You will hear the coaches provide a multitude of teaching points that deal with common situations that your players will encounter during special situations.

Disc 2:
Key coaching points presented in this session include:

  • Implementing small-sided, competitive drills and games to increase individual technique and team competitiveness
  • Taking advantage of numbers-up situations through quick passes
  • Training your players to think quickly and play through tight spaces
  • Discussing key coaching points with your players to reinforce tactical objectives

In Disc 2, the coaching staff trains the team for possession in the 4-1-4-1 formation. By building from small-sided games up to full field training scrimmages, you can see the application of coaching points to the 11 v 11 training scrimmage. You'll also see a limited space possession game that encourages quick touches and even quicker decision-making. The practice session progresses to a numbers-up, 7 v 3 possession game that reinforces the short pass possession game.

Disc 3:
Key coaching points presented in this session include:

  • Coaching small-sided tactics to improve team technical speed
  • Using purposeful repetition to gain technical skill and improve fitness
  • Timing and positioning of attackers when making scoring runs
  • Discussing key coaching points with your players to reinforce tactical objectives
  • Increasing the number of scoring opportunities that start from flank play

In Disc 3, the practice session centers on scoring and creating scoring chances. The coaching staff builds the team up from technical skill building to full team tactics as they train to increase scoring opportunities. This practice starts with an efficient passing drill that improves first touch and speed of play, followed by a session on individual and competitive heading . These skills are then rolled into a scoring game, helping you and your players smoothly incorporate technical skill drills into winning team tactics.

Disc 4:
Key coaching points presented in this session include:

  • Coaching individual techniques and tactics to create space
  • Using shadow play and training dummies to learn effective passing patterns
  • Training players to look for their next target as they receive the ball
  • Discussing key coaching points with your players to reinforce tactical objectives

This final disc in the All-Access University of Florida Practice series, the Gators' focus is on possession and building-up the attack through quick passing and even quicker decision-making. Coach Burleigh breaks down the game into small, manageable segments to prepare the team for fast, technical play. Two games are then used to keep technical play at a premium while encouraging the team to develop good tactical choices. You will see how the Gator's coaching staff seamlessly builds these techniques into possession and attacking games. The 5v5 possession game develops speed and accuracy required of a top NCAA program. The 9v6 game puts pressure on defenders while attackers learn to use space and visual cues to penetrate to goal.

Help your team get the winning edge by covering all the details during your training sessions.

291 minutes (4 DVDs). 2014.

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