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Cover: 4-out 1-in dribble hand-off motion offense
4-Out 1-In Dribble Hand-Off Motion Offense

with Matt Langel,
Colgate University Head Coach;
2019 Patriot League regular season champions;
2019 Patriot League Tournament champions;
2019 NABC District 13 Coach of the Year;
2019 ECAC Coach of the Year;
2x Patriot League Coach of the Year ('18, '19);
First-team All-Ivy League as a player at the University of Pennsylvania in 2000

Matt Langel has built one of the most efficient offenses in the Patriot League. By teaching his players that early transition offense is a key to setting up their half court offense, Langel has created a culture where his players actively look for the team's best shot. In this video, you will learn the breakdown drills and actions necessary to make your 4-out 1-in offense better than it's ever been before.

Training your Players

It's important that your athletes learn how to read the defense in the heat of a game. Coach Langel demonstrates how his team uses a series of 3-on-3 and 3-on-0 drills to create game-like situations in practice. Players learn how to counter a defensive action with shallow cuts, keeper action, step-behind shots, and through action all by setting up their defender with a two-step action coming out of the corner. Langel does a great job demonstrating how you can take a dribble hand-off and use it to build the rest of your offense.

4-Out Actions

The dribble hand-off can wreak havoc on a defense. Coach Langel's teams have used the dribble hand-off with great success over the past several years. You'll see many actions you can incorporate into a dribble hand-off series, especially in 5v0 and 5v5 actions. Langel showcases how he uses a dribble hand-off to set up his best shooter coming off of a floppy action or a triple screen to give them an open look. Once the ball is reversed, you'll learn how you can turn your dribble hand-off actions into a continuity offense by running the same actions on the opposite side of the floor. The best part about Langel's half court offense is it will allow your players to read the defense and determine the best course of action on their own.

Coach Langel has established an efficient offensive system that centers around the dribble hand-off. Langel breaks down his transition offense and how it flows into his half court offense by using 3-on-0 drills and 5-on-0 actions. This is an excellent, detailed video showcasing how to employ the dribble hand-off to attack your opponent for great results in the seasons ahead!

74 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: go-go offense
Go-Go Offense

Current William & Mary Offensive Coordinator Brennan Marion, takes you through the ins-and-outs of his Go-Go Offense that has lit up defenses and scoreboards from the high school to collegiate levels. The Go-Go Offense gives you the philosophy, formations and staple plays of the most explosive offensive scheme in football. Coach Marion even goes into what personnel you should look for to fit within the offense. It's a great read for coaches, analysts and fans alike!

68 pages. 2019.

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Cover: water polo playbook 010
Water Polo Playbook 010
With Water Polo playbook coaches and players will be able to sketch and describe water polo plays and drills. Sketching is done with an easy to use but power full drawing tool. Text can be formatted and changed in the text editor.

Water Polo Playbook features:
- Creation of your own water polo plays and drills.
- A simple but powerful drawing tool to sketch water polo plays and drills.
- Full screen animation, to help you and your players see the flow of a play.
- A text editor to describe your plays and drills.
- Export and import functions to exchange plays with other users of the program.
- Printing of plays and drills with high quality diagrams.
- Storing of plays and drills ordered in categories you define.
- Creation of play lists to prepare your practice.
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Cover: nike championship basketball clinic string bag
Nike Championship Basketball Clinic String Bag

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