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Cover: open practice: transition into the 4-out 1-in motion offense & special situations
Open Practice: Transition into the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense & Special Situations

with Jamie Dixon,
Texas Christian University Head Coach (TCU) Head Coach - 2017 NIT Champions;
former University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
2009 Naismith College Coach of the Year; 2x Big East Regular Season Championships (2004, 2011);
USA Basketball U-19 Team Head Coach - 2009 FIBA World Championship Gold Medal

If you're a coach that has an offensive-minded mentality and wants to score early in the clock, or push the ball for quick scores, then you'll want this video for your collection. Jamie Dixon opens up his practice for an inside look at how he practices his team to reinforce proficiency in running motion and transition offense.

For his current roster, Coach Dixon has chosen a spread 4-Out, 1-In attack that focuses on early offense He provides chalk talk covering his transition and motion offense strategies, and breaks down the movements and key points surrounding them on the court.

Transition Offense

Pushing the ball up the floor in early offense is something Coach Dixon emphasizes. His scheme has four players that are labeled as his "bust-out" guys. These positions can all handle the ball, are able to start pushing the ball once a rebound is obtained, and find the open man if ahead - or fill in spots offensively. By doing so, early offense and quick points are achieved, and if not, you'll be able to get into your secondary offense or motion.

The action by the point guard and the trailer are also critical. If the trailer is able to get ahead of the point guard, the trailer is taught to set a good ball screen. Otherwise, the point guard can look for a good pitch ahead to another guard or making a pass to the trailer.

Half Court Sets

Dixon uses half court sets with a 2-Out and 3-Down set, which incorporates screens, dribble hand-offs, and constant motion. The offense starts with an open wing, and screens should be on that side to maintain spacing. These offensive sets can start from different areas of the floor to give you different looks and options, which can make your team less predictable. Elbow options with screens that come to the elbow allow you to switch into a Horns look.

Full Court Quick Hitter

Having plays available for all situations is important. Dixon provides options that include long passes deep, and short options that include screens and pushing the ball up the floor. These looks also provide open shots on depending on the area of the floor and what defense your team is up against. For situations with more time available, Dixon runs press break options into his motion offense.

This video gives you a rare 'insider's look' into Coach Dixon's offensive scheme practice!

"A smorgasbord of all-things offense surrounding a quick strike offensive attack"- Customer Review

72 minutes. 2018.

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