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Cover: last-second out of bounds plays + guiding principles for team success
Last-Second Out of Bounds Plays + Guiding Principles for Team Success

with Mike Fratello,
NBA Analyst;
former Memphis Grizzlies, Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks Head Coach;
ranks #18 on the NBA all-time wins list with 667 career victories;
1986 NBA Coach of the Year; 1988 NBA All-Star Head Coach; Ukrainian National Team Head Coach (2011-2014)

Mike Fratello draws on a lifetime of experience coaching at the highest levels of basketball to help you raise your game. This video will help you ask the right questions to optimize your offensive system. You will also learn a collection of over 20 time-tested plays for late-game situations that might just help you win a game of your own in the future.

Coach Fratello shares the insights he has learned from decades of coaching so that no detail is missed in developing your offensive philosophy. He gives you ideas for a multitude of considerations such as adapting offense to your personnel, designing inbound plays for any situation, offensive rebounding, shot distribution, how to discuss these topics with your players, and more. Coach Fratello's thoughts will fuel discussion for your coaching staff to be ready for the season ahead.

Full Court Plays

Six plays are demonstrated that will help you cross the entire court to score in the final seconds of a game. Coach Fratello shows home run options when there is no time to dribble, options for getting the ball in play versus pressure, plays that will create advantage situations for lay-ups, and multi-purpose plays with several scoring options.

Sideline Plays

Eight sideline plays will open up 3-point scoring opportunities through a variety of methods to confuse the defense. These concepts are effective for situations where the defense might be switching screens. Several plays also show how to get a lay-up at the rim with as little as one second left on the clock!

Baseline Plays

Coach Fratello shows several plays underneath the basket to get a quick shot close to the rim. These plays will shift the defense and combine with screens to open up gaps for easy scoring opportunities.

These plays have been a part of some of the great moments in basketball history. Add them to your own library of special situation plays with the help of Coach Fratello!

78 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: youth basketball coaching: practice drills for ball toughness
Youth Basketball Coaching: Practice Drills for Ball Toughness
By: Lee DeForest
Publisher: Independently published
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Cover: basketball crowd noise simulator for mac
Basketball Crowd Noise Simulator for Mac
How Much Of An Effect Does The Crowd Really Have?

There is no question that psychology plays a crucial role in sports performance. How many basketball games have you seen where the pressure of a clutch situation causes a player to make a poor decision and make you say to yourself "What on earth was that guy thinking?" Players from basketball recreation leagues all the way to the professionals often make poor choices that they wouldn't normally make under relaxed circumstances. Arguably one of the most influential factors that may cause a player to act irrationally is the atmosphere created by the noise of the crowd.Dealing with a noisy crowd (both home and away) has proven to be a difficult task as a loud crowd may cause a number of issues to arise, which include difficulty for players to vocally orchestrate, or to recognize, verbal play calls.

The RealCrowd Simulator allows for replication of basically any real game situation! Be amazed as you transform your practice facility into a jam packed arena and watch as your players improve their focus and concentration! To simulate the sounds of a game, start by turning the "Crowd Ambience" ON to begin creating the sounds of a game. Once the ambience button is on you can press any of the other 20 buttons to replicate what is happening on your practice floor. Each pad of the RealCrowd Simulator has a specific function that will mimic the sounds heard during common scenarios found in a high pressure basketball game. The Software uses 21 high quality sounds that include:

  • Home Team Sounds - Sounds for when the home team makes a shot, misses a shot, is at the Free-throw line, steals the ball, blocks the ball or has a big play.
  • Away Team Sounds - Sounds for when the awayteam makes a shot, misses a shot, is at the Free-throw line, steals the ball, blocks the ball or has a big play.
  • Miscellaneous Sounds - Crowd Noise during a time out huddle, chanting "Airball", chanting "Defense - Defense", chanting a "5-4-3-2-1 countdown" and Clock Buzzer.
For example, if you want to create an intense free-throw situation all you'd do is click the circle "FT" button (Red Circle if you would like to simulate the home crowd on your side and Blue Circle if you would like the crowd to root against you). These buttons will activate the crowd to really put the pressure on the player at the free-throw line! Depending on if the player hits the shot or not, simply hit the appropriate "Make" or "Miss" button below FT!

Let's say you want to replicate a close game with only 5 seconds left to play! Click the "Defense" button to really turn up the intensity and listen to the crowd scream continual Defense chants! Then you can click the "Countdown" button to really turn the pressure up on your team, and hit the Score/Miss button depending on what happens!

All sounds can be overlapped and used together to create a free-flowing crowd atmosphere simulated by the user as they click the pads according to what is happening during the practice session. The RealCrowd Simulator allows both players and coaching staff to take practice sessions to the next level.

The Basketball Crowd Noise Simulator is not limited to any age group or skill level as the benefits can be seen across a wide range of players. Both professionals and those just getting into the sport will often times have trouble focusing regardless of how long they have played the sport. The Crowd Noise Simulator is currently being used by both Division 1 NCAA teams and recreational leagues.


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Cover: coachdeck baseball drill cards

Manufacturer: COACH DECK

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