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Cover: the defensive skating system
The Defensive Skating System
with Adam Nicholas, North Yarmouth Academy Director of Player Development;
Lewiston Maine IACS Skating and Skills Coach;

Shut down high-scoring forwards using the Defensive Skating System! Adam Nicholas has taught this effective system to players and teams at every level - youth, high school, college and the NHL.

Because crossing over gives your opponent time and space creating trouble for your defense, this system enables defensive players to stay square to an opponent, recover, maintain a tight gap and maintain speed without crossing over.

This system can be used by players of all levels. The system starts with a simple T-push and advances through 20 progressive drills and skills for improving defensive skating, such as:

  • The Lidstrom Arcing Technique - Allows for quicker left/right reactions when closing on an opponent.
  • Niedermayer Progression - Enables defensive players to gain momentum without crossing over and to more effectively recover to the left or right and to re-gap to stay in good defensive position.
  • Tight Air - Allows defenders to maintain momentum and containment when forwards make turns in the corner.
  • Box Drill Progression - Teaches how to maintain speed in the neutral zone enabling players to track opponents and maintain a tight gap when accepting an on-coming rush.
  • Defensive X Drill - Combines all of the defensive skating techniques from this progression for developing proper tracking control.

Also included are stick handling tips to improve defensive performance in tandem with the skating techniques.

This is system isn't just for defensemen, it's for any player that needs to shut down a rushing opponent. Order now and start improving your defensive skating.

43 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: becoming a champion hockey player
Becoming a Champion Hockey Player
with Enrico Blasi,
Miami of Ohio Head Coach;
2009 NCAA National Runner-Up;
2006 National Coach of the Year,
3X CCHA "Coach of the Year"

One of the fastest rising coaching stars in all of hockey is Miami of Ohio's Enrico Blasi who has earned a reputation for being one of the sport's finest teachers, technicians, and motivators. In this series for aspiring hockey players, Coach Blasi provides a resource that shows how athletes can improve in all phases of the game. Also included in the series is a Strength Training DVD featuring Matt Cady, Coach Blasi's strength and conditioning coach at Miami. This series is a must for any ice hockey player looking to achieve at a higher level!

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Cover: home school hockey
Home School Hockey
with Andrew Trimble, Founder Scoring Concepts;
Kingswood Regional (NH) High School Head Coach; a coach with the New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs program; 2013 NHIAA DII Coach of the Year

In this fun-filled, easy-to-follow template, Andrew Trimble shares five off-ice activities that can be added to any existing program or workout.

This DVD is for players of all ages, skill levels and abilities who want to maximize their training time. Demonstrated by a high school player and youth-level player, the drills shared here can be done in a backyard, a nearby field, alone, or in a group setting. A variety of strategies are used to keep players interested in reaching their fitness level goals. Segments include:

  • Driveway Drills - Improve your stickhandling, eye/hand coordination, shot power and accuracy with drills that can be done on your driveway or other flat surfaces using tools from your basement or garage. You'll learn how to improve soft hand techniques using balls of different sizes and weights. The use of balls of different sizes and weights overloads the players` central nervous system creating and improving soft hand techniques.
  • Cardio Conditioning - These drills will greatly improve balance, coordination, power, speed and core stabilization while maximizing cardiovascular conditioning. The focus is on hockey specific movements improving power, speed, strength and athleticism through plyometric set training.
  • Strength Training - Coach Trimble demonstrates 10 hockey-specific, strength training exercises that focus on developing leg strength, core stability and overall total body strength. Drills in this segment use the athlete's body weight or simple at-home materials to build strength.
  • Synthetic Ice Drills - Understand the power and versatility of training with this new technology that that can be easily installed in garages, rec rooms, backyards and basements. More than 20 drills are offered that will enhance power skating skills, quick starts and acceleration; puck handling skills, shooting and passing skills; strength and endurance.
  • Video Analysis - All players love to see their skills in action. Find out how your smart phone, camera, or video device can be used to correct some of the weaknesses in your player's game. Taking a simple approach, this segment shows you what to look for and how to correct it with positive feedback.

This video proves that dry-land training can be a lot of fun and that you don't need high-tech equipment or large facilities to reach your fitness goals!

61 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: 'goalie coach' coaching kit
'Goalie Coach' Coaching Kit
HD-01922A: with Joe Bertagna, Director of the Bertagna Goaltending School,
Commissioner of Hockey East, Executive Director of the American Hockey Coaches Association,
and former Boston Bruins (NHL) and `94 U.S. Olympic Team goaltending coach

Learn from the best! World-renowned goaltending coach Joe Bertagna has designed Goaltending Basics to highlight the essential ingredients toward becoming a successful goaltender! Segment 1: Basic stance: basic stance, butterfly stance, and smothering stance. Segment 2: Movement: forward/backward, shuffle, and T-glide movements. Segment 3: Recovery ability: working up and down, on the stomach, and on the side recovery skills. Segment 4: Save techniques with detailed guidelines for positioning, defending, and making the appropriate choice of equipment for a shot on goal. Segment 5: Game situations: change of directions, poke checks, tying up the puck, cover-ups, and defending the wraparound, puck handling for behind-the-net strategies, techniques for leaving the puck in a desirable position, screen situations, and breakaways. Segment 6: Mental aspects: details the role of the coach in keeping the goaltender in the proper state of mind and offers mental techniques and strategies to maintain an edge!

57 minutes. 2002.

HD-01922B: with Joe Bertagna, Director of the Bertagna Goaltending School,
Commissioner of Hockey East, Executive Director of the American Hockey Coaches Association,
and former Boston Bruins (NHL) and `94 U.S. Olympic Team goaltending coach

Coach Joe Bertagna believes it imperative to create and implement practice drills for your goaltender that best simulate the reality, confusion, and chaos of game situations. Bertagna's drills cover a wide range of skill development ranging from fundamental through highly competitive game-like situations including: pre-practice/pre game drills, movement around the crease, move and clear, stop and gather, drills from the corners, dump in and break out, pass from the corner, 1 on 1 attacks, 2 on 1 attacks, lateral motion breakout, rebounding, determining angles, among others. Bertagna shares advice on creating your own drills for game situations and follows with progressive drills that add even more confusion and chaos at game speed! Bertagna offers a helpful selection of "after practice" drills that further assist goaltender development. Bertagna concludes his information-packed presentation with valuable coaching tips including off ice coaching strategies to help your goaltender become more successful.

47 minutes. 2002.

HD-01922C: with Joe Bertagna, Director of the Bertagna Goaltending School,
Commissioner of Hockey East, Executive Director of the American Hockey Coaches Association,
and former Boston Bruins (NHL) and `94 U.S. Olympic Team goaltending coach

Through his vast experience, Joe Bertagna has observed that young goaltenders play the position by "reacting", intermediate goaltenders "anticipate", then react, and the advanced goaltender has developed the ability of influencing play through the development of an established "method." The Advanced Goaltender takes you through a methodical process of helping you, the coach, become the catalyst for taking your goaltender beyond reacting to learn and establish a method. Bertagna takes you through game-like situational variations of: odd-man coming into the zone, plays down low, puck behind the net, leaving the net and handling the puck, and breakaways. In each demonstrated situation, Bertagna details what the goalie should see and how the goalie should react and shares the components of how to develop these situations into a method. Bertagna delivers the essence of developing today's goaltender through knowledge, anticipation, decision-making, execution, and having a method.

27 minutes. 2002.

HD-03947: with Joe Bertagna,
Director of the Bertagna Goaltending School,
Commissioner of Hockey East, Executive Director of the American Hockey Coaches Association, and former Boston Bruins (NHL) and U.S. Olympic Team goaltending coach

and Mike Morrison,
former NHL Goaltender and member of the 1999 NCAA Champs from the University of Maine Black Bears.

In this 9-part presentation, legendary goaltender and coach Joe Bertagna incorporates the latest, cutting edge goalie instruction with traditional, time-tested techniques required for success.

Starting with the stance, coaches Bertagna and Morrison show how the stance has been affected by newer equipment and technology. To fill the space between the pipes, Bertagna and Morrison demonstrate the most effective stance for dropping into the butterfly position and maintaining a focus on the inside of the skate blades.

With the stance established, Bertagna diagrams the traditional 5-hole template of vulnerable shooting areas. Using the "new" stance, Morrison reviews the areas of the net that are the hardest to cover showing why it's important to be able to butterfly and extend.

In the blocking segment, Bertagna and Morrison discuss the way today's goalies make saves focusing on the fact that reaction saves have diminished and block saves are increasing. Included are both body position techniques and location tips. You will also see drills that train today's favored blocking techniques. A separate segment focuses on chest shots where the coaches cover trapping techniques along with a high goal shot drill that challenges the goalie with a variety of chest shots.

In the "crease movement" segment you will learn to get your goalies to the right place at the right time and under control. This segment includes:

  • 5-cone crease drill to train short precise movements.
  • "C" step instruction with six key phases plus shooting drills for training the "C" step.
  • Butterfly Push including situations when to use it, technical breakdown and tips for performing the skill, includes demonstrations with a variety of puck positions and how to move on each.
  • The Coil: This modern technique system is used to stop pucks low in the zone. Morrison demonstrates when and how to use it, identifying the pros and cons of this method of play.
Bertagna and Morrison close the DVD with detailed segments on strategies for defending shootouts, breakaways and puck handling. He also details glove positioning on the stick to make the best passes when clearing the puck. Bonus instruction covers the coil and how to execute the Y-drill to train your goalies by combining movement skills.

This DVD is incredibly comprehensive as it identifies the transitions in the position along with new techniques and strategies that will enable you to train your goalies to be more effective in front of the net by influencing the shooter as well as making more stops! A must have for goaltending coaches and for goaltenders!

78 minutes. 2011.

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Cover: the 'hockey drills' bonus pack
The 'Hockey Drills' Bonus Pack
HB-00682: by Richard Trimble

Richard Trimble's The Ultimate Hockey Drill Book, Volume III is an excellent complement to his two previous, popular editions (Volumes I and II), and contains 200 all-new creative, innovative, and diverse drills divided into 9 Chapters. Chapter 1: Warm-ups: Pre-practice, Pre-game & Conditioning. Chapter 2: One-on One Drills of All Shapes and Kinds, Chapter 3: Passing Drills. Chapter 4: Shooting Drills. Chapter 5: Goalie Drills On & Off-Ice. Chapter 6: Skating and Puck Control Drills. Chapter 7: Positional Skills Drills. Chapter 8: Drills for Systems Play. Chapter 9: Off-Ice & Dryland Training. Each drill is diagrammed, identified with the skill to be enhanced, and explained in detail. This is THE new drill book you have been waiting for! (Comb-bound for coaching versatility!)

254 pages. 2004.

HD-02923: with Mark Carlson,
Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL) Head Coach; 2005 Clark Cup Champions;
2x U.S. Junior Select Team Head Coach ('08 and '09), Back-to-Back World Junior A Challenge Champions ('08 and '09); 2008-09 United States Olympic Committee Development Coach of the Year

Mark Carlson, the USHL's Coach of the Year in 2004-05, believes that training at an overspeed pace can greatly enhance actual game speed skill execution and in this hockey DVD shares 12 overspeed training drills. Coach Carlson first addresses the topic of overspeed drills on the ice and how they can help the level of performance and defines "overspeed" as executing hockey skills at a quicker pace than normal. Common in all of Carlson's 12 overspeed drills are moving feet, repetition, recovery time and elevated comfort zone. Shadow 1-on-1 is the first drill and challenges one player to mirror the quick turns and moves of his teammate. An advanced drill is the Figure 8 Neutral Zone and ends with a shot on goal. The Half and Full Peanut Drill teaches players to make tight and quick turns. Other drills featured include the Circle, S, Blue/Red Crossover, Dot, 2-0, 3-0 and Forward drills - all challenge players to perform beyond their normal capacity. Each drill is diagrammed and explained by Carlson then shown live on the ice.

46 minutes. 2008.

HD-02924: with Mark Carlson,
Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL) Head Coach; 2005 Clark Cup Champions;
2x U.S. Junior Select Team Head Coach ('08 and '09), Back-to-Back World Junior A Challenge Champions ('08 and '09); 2008-09 United States Olympic Committee Development Coach of the Year

Breakouts are necessary to create the dangerous 2-on-1 plays. Mark Carlson, the USHL's Coach of the Year in 2004-05, covers the key breakout ingredients - quick, move the puck, timing, talking, read pressure and maintain puck support - in these hockey drills. Details include getting to the puck quickly, check shoulder, not handling the puck, forwards in position and support of the puck. The defense drill uses only the defensemen in a 2-on-2 alignment. The next drill involves one defenseman and one forward and can be run out of both ends. The Mohawk Turn is a skill used in this drill where the player's chest is facing middle rink, ready to receive a pass. Breakout options include adding two defensemen with two forwards at both ends. Other drills focus on support and positioning, reading pressure in the neutral zone and reading pressure in breakouts. These hockey drills are fundamental in nature and rely on many small details to assure execution.

76 minutes. 2008.

HD-03147: with Mark Carlson,
Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL) Head Coach; 2005 Clark Cup Champions;
2x U.S. Junior Select Team Head Coach ('08 and '09), Back-to-Back World Junior A Challenge Champions ('08 and '09); 2008-09 United States Olympic Committee Development Coach of the Year

Puck Possession has become a predominant topic in hockey due to rule changes that greatly restrict players' ability to slow the game. To succeed, teams must put an emphasis on speeding the play.

Mark Carlson, the USHL's Coach of the Year in 2004-05, shares hockey drills and strategies that enhance speed and put a premium on gaining more puck possessions. Coach Carlson feels that there are three keys to puck possession: positioning, support and work ethic and these keys are prominent in the drills that he presents. Each drill and drill variation is diagrammed on a marker board before an on-ice demonstration. Carlson also shares work ethic intangibles for assisting your team to value puck possession, both individually and as a team.

51 minutes. 2008.

HD-03401: with Jim Johnson,
Norfolk Admirals (AHL) Associate Coach,
former Development Coach for the Tampa Bay Lightning;
founder of the U-18 P.F. Chang's Tier I Hockey Organization, former Head Coach of PF Chang the AAA U18 team,
13-year NHL playing career

Teach your players to perform essential hockey skills at high speeds in confined areas.

Jim Johnson, a 13-year veteran of the NHL, believes that presenting competitive play in confined areas in practice will have tremendous carry over into game situations. These games promote problem solving, create a fun atmosphere, encourage creativity, simulate game like situations and provides instructional practice time for problem solving.

Johnson shows you 10 confined area games you can easily implement into your practice. Johnson discusses ways to vary the drills to make them adaptable to any team or situation. Each game has a specific skill theme that include passing, puck protection, breakouts, 2-on-2, 3-on-2, transition, defensive zone coverage, low zone play, 4-on-2, competitive goal tending play and reading and reacting. Johnson diagrams and explains each drill to make implementation simple.

Using these games will enable you to simulate game-like, competitive situations in your practices while maximizing touches for your players!

46 minutes. 2009.

HD-03456: with Greg Cronin; Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) Assistant Coach;
former Northeastern University Head Men's Coach
and Sebastian Leplante, Houston Aeros Assistant Coach; and Albie O'Connell, Harvard University Assistant Coach

Improve your team's game-time performance with these up-tempo practice drills.

This DVD presentation includes 15 drills plus variations giving you numerous drills to incorporate into your practices. Coaches O'Connell and Leplante draw up detailed diagrams of each drill followed by video clips of the drills being run in a live Northeastern practice. Pick up key tips as Coach Cronin coaches his athletes through the drills.

These drills work on critical hockey skills and concepts such as driving to the net, rush concepts, cycling, regroups, shot blocking, goalie warmup, tracking the puck, odd man rushes, penalty killing and much more.

Many of these drills simultaneously work on offensive and defensive concepts to provide efficiency in your practice planning.

Give your players the tools they need to be successful in live competition using the drills, concepts and coaching points from Greg Cronin and the Northeastern hockey program.

78 minutes. 2010.

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