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Cover: set-ups & tie-ups for a great shot!
Set-Ups & Tie-Ups for a Great Shot!

with Lennie Zalesky,
Cal Baptist University Head Coach;
has coached wrestlers to 30 All-American awards and seven individual national championships;
2013 NCWA National Champions;
former UC Davis Head Coach;
2007 Pac-10 Coach of the Year;
2018 Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee;
2018 California Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee;
2010 Alaska Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee;
as an athlete, was a 3x All-American at the University of Iowa

Coach Lennie Zalesky possesses over 30 years of coaching experience and has seen it all. A huge key to his success was not getting stuck underneath opponents on their shots. In this video, Zalesky delivers many of the techniques he's taught his wrestlers over the years to move their opponents and avoid getting stuck in a disadvantage situation.

Effectively Move Your Opponent

Coach Zalesky begins with an explanation of the origins of these techniques and how mastering the ability to get your opponent to move into position is key to scoring consistently. Next, you'll see how to get into an inside tie position, which is the most effective way to control your opponent. Zalesky also goes into detail about how to apply pressure and utilize the back step effectively.

Set-Ups for the Hi-C, Single Leg, and Double Leg Takedown

Coach Zalesky continues by demonstrating how inside tie-ups can be coordinated with the back step to set up several takedowns, including the hi-c, single and double leg takedowns. He also covers how to stay out of bad position on takedowns by refraining from chasing your opponent's legs, and instead moving their legs where you want them to be.

As an added bonus, Zalesky demonstrates how to best prevent being stuck under your opponent's sprawl. In all, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up a single leg shot on either leg
  • Avoid chasing your opponent's leg on a hi-c or double leg
  • Clear your opponent's arms and keep your hips under your shoulders to avoid being stuck in bad positions

This is a great addition to any wrestling coach's library. Coach Zalesky shares some of the best techniques available to help your wrestlers become unstoppable on their feet!

49 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: man-to-man defense: it's not what you do, it's how you do it
Man-to-Man Defense: It's Not What You Do, It's How You Do It

with Vic Schaefer,
University of Texas Head Women's Coach;
former Mississippi State University Head Women's Coach;
2018 Naismith Women's College Coach of the Year;
2018 Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) National Coach of the Year;
2018 & 2017 NCAA Championship Runners-Up;
2017 ESPY Award - 'Best Upset';
3x SEC Coach of the Year (2015, 2018, 2019);
2018 SEC Regular Season Champions - 16-0 record;
2016 NCAA Sweet Sixteen;
2011 NCAA Championship (as Associate Head Coach, Texas A & M)

Coach Vic Schaefer has elevated Mississippi State into one of the best programs in women's collegiate basketball. This success stems from a philosophy of doing the same things that every other team in the country does, but with an attitude that MSU will do it with an uncommon level of excellence. Coach Schaefer demonstrates this approach through nine defensive drills that build his pressure man-to-man defense. In this video, you will gain valuable teaching points to maximize the effectiveness of your drills while also learning the teaching points to develop an aggressive defense.

Core Defensive Drills

Mississippi State prides itself on being a disruptive defensive team. You will see the package of drills that are run every day in Bulldog practices. Coach Schaefer demonstrates a unique approach to guarding the ball with his "Approach Stance" drill. He shows how to improve the lateral quickness of your players with his method of pivoting in a defensive stance. Other tactics, such as identifying the ball handler's pivot foot and the "hot stove," will enable your players to apply maximum pressure on the ball. Additional drills teach defenders to blow up down screens with physicality and alter their routes based on the location of the screen in order to stay "up the line and straight line" in pass denial.

Defending Common Actions

Coach Schaefer shows the "3-Out 1-In" drill, which is a personal favorite that Mississippi State runs daily. This drill puts a premium on ball-pressure while also teaching defenders how to adjust their passing lane denial based on their proximity to post players. This drill also can be used to install your ball screen defense. You will also learn how the Bulldogs attack pick & rolls with a hard show.

The "3-on-3 Rebounding" drill reinforces denial pressure by challenging players to take away dribble hand-offs and guard backdoor cuts while also being ready to put their "butt in the gut" when the shot goes up. In addition to other drills, you will also come away with a perfect defensive drill for teaching numerous phases of your defensive system. The "7-Point Defensive" drill has players deny the wing, take away backdoor cuts, front the posts, find help position, disrupt flash cuts, and dive for loose balls in a single repetition!

This video will show you why Coach Schaefer has won numerous national Coach of the Year awards. There is absolutely something to take away from this video for everyone, regardless of the system you run!

76 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: breakdowns and continuities for the ball screen motion offense
Breakdowns and Continuities for the Ball Screen Motion Offense

with Robert Ehsan,
former University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Head Coach;
2019 College Basketball Invitational Tournament appearance;
was an Assistant Coach under Jerod Haase at UAB, Seth Greenberg at Virginia Tech, and Gary Williams at Maryland

In this video, you'll see how you can install a multiple-option motion offense that will give your players a structured template while still allowing them freedom to maximize their individual skills.

The ball screen offense is one of the game's most-used and most successful offenses. Whether you have only two players who are consistent scorers or five threats that all can score, Coach Ehsan's ball screen motion offense will fit your team.

Sets and Systems

Coach Ehsan gives a high-energy presentation showing various sets in his motion offense that can be used depending on your personnel. By tailoring the system to the players you have, this offense assures that you can effectively attack match-ups and other opponent weaknesses.

With a variety of ways to initiate the offense, Ehsan shows you how to seamlessly flow into the offense from transition or from a more traditional half-court attack. The constant player movements and options make this offense difficult to play against and to scout.

Exploiting Ball Screen Defense

You'll appreciate how there are multiple attacks out of this offense, depending on different ways the defense covers ball screens. For every defensive adjustment, Coach Ehsan walks players through effective counter attacks so you know exactly what to do.

Among the key concepts covered in this video are:

  • How to make defenses pay for aggressive hedge and blitz coverage
  • Effective use of ball movement to isolate and get great shots for your post players
  • How to increase the efficiency of the offense by training wings and guards to be able to play every position

If your team has ever struggled to improve ball and player movement, this is a video you'll want to refer to over and over again. With multiple initial sets, a variety of cuts and excellent attention to detail on screening angles and timing, Coach Ehsan's system will greatly expand your offensive arsenal.

45 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: 4-out 1-in primary & secondary sets out of transition
4-Out 1-In Primary & Secondary Sets Out of Transition

with Derrin Hansen,
University of Nebraska Omaha Head Coach;
2019 Summit League Coach of the Year;
led Omaha to Division I school records for wins in a season (21) and league wins (13) in 2019;
2x NCAA Division II Tournament appearances;
2010 Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association champions;
2008 North Central Conference champions

Basketball offenses are moving more and more toward a faced-paced, free flowing style. Knowing how to convert from full-court transition offense to the half-court is a must for coaches to be successful.

In this video, Derrin Hansen shows his transition offense and sets that are sure to put more points on the board and create more buzz surrounding your team. You will see how to run off free throws and made baskets, as well as get transition sets that flow seamlessly from a primary break to secondary break offense and to the half-court.

Primary Break

Coach Hansen shows his principles for the primary break and how to run off made baskets and free throws. He believes in teaching players concepts, instead of rules, to help them learn the game and be unguardable. In a numbered style break, Hansen shows the reads and principles that govern his transition offense.

If there's no opportunity to advance the ball ahead, you'll learn the "cut the floor" concept to keep the defense on their heels and keep up the attack. After cutting the floor, the option to throw to the wing is discussed. Any good defense will make it difficult to make the initial pass, so Coach Hansen discusses other options, including a reversal to the trailing 4-man. After the ball is passed, there are several reads and options that are outlined. From staggered screens and slips to on-ball screens, the possibilities will keep the defense on edge and give your offense the upper hand. Four options in total are discussed when reversing the ball through the 4-man. If an on-ball screen occurs, multiple options happen off the ball. Options include cross screens for post-ups and down screens for shots. Hansen also discusses how to incorporate early ball screens into your attack and continue to find ways to attack the defense!

Secondary Sets and Actions

If nothing manifests from the primary attack, several transition plays are outlined that easily flow from the principles discussed in the primary break. The play "Speed Game" is shown, which takes advantage of getting the ball to the post early involving a backdoor option. More plays are shown that detail counters and misdirection plays for the actions already shown.

Once the ball is in the post, players have the freedom to decide what happens next. To stay unpredictable, Coach Hansen outlines four options to run after the ball is entered into the post that include cuts, splits, space, and dive & fill concepts. In case you don't score in transition, Hansen details a 1-4 high set play with a counter to get a quick post-up or shot playing off the natural reactions of the defense. Finally, in the last portion of the video, you'll get Hansen's principles of a good zone offense.

Many coaches want their team to run, but are you confident in teaching the principles that will allow your team to do so? This video from Coach Hansen gives you a blueprint for primary and secondary transition offense, as well as multiple plays that can also be run in the half-court.

74 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: developing a high powered run game plan
Developing a High Powered Run Game Plan

with A.J. Blazek,
North Dakota State University Offensive Line Coach;
helped NDSU rush for a school-record 4,601 yards in 2019 en route to a perfect 16-0 record;
led NDSU to the 4th-ranked FCS rushing offense (287.6 yards per game) in 2019; NDSU also led the FCS in tackles for loss allowed (3.56 per game);
former Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Offensive Line;
former Western Illinois Offensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator;
as a player, was a 2x All-Big Ten Lineman at the University of Iowa

Coach A.J. Blazek joined North Dakota State football, a powerhouse dynasty in the heartland of the country, in 2019 and proceeded to help the Bison to a perfect 16-0 record in his first season as offensive line coach. Coach Blazek has fully immersed himself in the championship culture at NDSU and is now ready to share how "the NDSU way" churns out championship seasons year after year.

This video is about building a championship run game. You'll see how to piece together a superior ground attack that you can create and recreate every year!

Building the Foundation

Blazek's first point is to build your foundation on your people. He helps define the qualities that would lead you to success when choosing gap or zone blocking for your O-line. His explanations are detailed enough to give you a direction, while avoiding taking things too far to disallow your own interpretation as a coach.

Adjustments and Drills

Coach Blazek's second focus, for once your base offense has been established, is the week-to-week adjustments you'll need to make to find success on the field. You'll discover the "where, why, how, and what" you'll need to fine-tune your offense to keep your opponent's defense on its heels. Blazek details how NDSU studies what their opponents will do so they can put their athletes and coaching staff in a position to succeed.

Finally, in his final focus within this video, Coach Blazek gives you off-season drills that NDSU uses for the development of their offensive linemen. These drills address the core components of elite linemen, including stance, posture and movement techniques.

Regardless of the style of blocking your offensive line uses, this video from Coach Blazek is a gold mine as it gives you a step-by-step breakdown of what a winning strategy looks like for one of the highest-achieving programs in college football.

64 minutes. 2020.

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