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Cover: foundational pitching: setting up beginning pitchers for future success
Foundational Pitching: Setting Up Beginning Pitchers for Future Success

with Lin Casciato,
Softball Coach and Clinician (since 1989) at all levels of softball - club, high school and college;
coach for NW Fastpitch (2018 ASA Oregon State Championship);
several Casciato-coached athletes have gone on to play for college programs at all levels

Pitching is the name of the game, yet many youth coaches have limited experience with such a critical skill. In this video featuring long-time coach Lin Casciato, you'll learn the basic pitching movements, along with appropriate progressions, to feel confident in your ability to develop a strong foundation for your pitchers.

Progressions and Drills

Coach Casciato incorporates a teaching progression that helps beginning pitchers understand the necessity of repeatable actions in the pitching motion. Additionally, he offers an extensive list of drills that players can pick and choose from to get the repetitions they need during practice.

This video incorporates isolation drills and a progression that builds a synchronous approach for the upper and lower body. You'll get techniques for isolating the mechanics of the pitching motion, allowing players of all ages to "feel" when they are using the correct method and better focus on the individual elements of the pitching process.

Build Confidence and Understanding

Fast-pitch mechanics can be difficult to master for an inexperienced player. Casciato provides exercises that will take pitchers to a place of confidence and comfort within the pitching circle. He offers direct instruction and provides explanations that will help you and your players understand proper mechanics.

Coach Casciato does a great job of simplifying the pitching motion so that you can understand it and have your pitcher work through progressions to get the ball on line. Additionally, this video suggests a variety of drills that players can do at home in a small space to reinforce the motion, which can help them learn the motion without the stress of throwing a strike.

Develop better pitchers today!

80 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: johnny dawkins: drills to improve any defense
Johnny Dawkins: Drills to Improve Any Defense

with Johnny Dawkins,
University of Central Florida Head Coach;
2012 & 2015 NIT Championships with Stanford; 2017 NIT Final Four appearance in first year at UCF; led NCAA D-I schools in defensive field goal percentage (2017)

Even great offensive teams will have nights where it seems like there's a lid on the basket. In those moments, you need a defense that is consistently 'on' to help your team persist and win the game. Johnny Dawkins creates winning basketball programs with a foundation rooted in strong defense. In his first two years as Central Florida head coach, his teams have been national leaders in multiple defensive categories, including top 10 rankings in field-goal percentage defense, scoring defense, and fewest fouls.

Coach Dawkins unloads his defensive drills package in this video, starting from the individual foundation and leading up to five player team defense. You'll see how he teaches defensive fundamentals through these drills, from proper slides to transition defense.

Progressive Drill Series

Develop players who can lock down the ball with this progressive drills series that will refine their technique for great on-ball defense! Your players will warm-up while training the footwork needed to be mobile in the full court with two variations of the Slide Drill. Dawkins gives you a strategy he uses to emphasize defending with active hands. Additionally, three versions of the Zig-Zag drill teach your players how to keep their balance and play with proper angles to keep their man in front.

The Tunnel Drill creates a 1-on-1 competition that will push your players to improve on both sides of the ball, whether it be through their ball handling or on-ball defense. Athletes will learn how to adjust their ball pressure based on the caliber of player they are guarding. This package of drills will show your players how to shut down opponents at the point of attack!

Defending as a Team

Dawkins also shares a variety of drills that will help your players become great team defenders. The "Knight Jump to the Ball" drill teaches players to closeout with great form while also playing in perfect help position to defend cutters. Other drills reinforce defending high ball screens, scrambling to cover shooters with great help rotations when your defense breaks down, beating screen-aways, down screens, and flare screens, and more.

Dawkins covers how to build your transition defense through every disadvantage situation with the "Progressive Fast Break." Additionally, the 5-on-5 Defensive Points Drill is the ultimate way to establish pride in your team for getting defensive stops.

Practice the fundamentals that are essential to any dominant defense with the drills you'll find in this video from Coach Dawkins!

81 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: raegan pebley: 21 half court zone defense
Raegan Pebley: 21 Half Court Zone Defense

with Raegan Pebley,
Texas Christian University Head Women's Coach;
2x Mountain West Conference Tournament Champions; over 200 career wins;
as a player, was a 2x All-Big 12 forward and played 2 seasons in the WNBA

In this video, TCU women's head coach Raegan Pebley takes you through her 21 half court defense, covering the critical teaching points for each position. She shows how to naturally trap within the defense and how players can move to take away passing angles to funnel opposing players to the middle of the defense. You'll see how to take away the high post pass and how to cover passes to other areas of the floor within the defense.

Easily Disguised

The 21 half court defense is easily disguised and forces your opponent to push the tempo of the game. It starts with a 2-1-2 look, and with rotations can look like a 1-3-1, or even a match-up zone. The ability to disguise your defense will disrupt the other team's offense and force them to play fast. Playing this defense in certain situations or out of time outs would be a great strategic move to throw off your opponents.

Play Fast

Teams with athletic players, or teams that generally have a high motor, can benefit from the ability to play fast. The 21 defense will force offensive players to rush the ball up the floor and compete outside of their comfort zone. The ability to pressure the basketball up top allows your defensive players in the back to be aggressive and get steals on passes to the wing or corners. Those turnovers will create fast break opportunities and speed up the game. Possessing that ability against teams that want to run slow half court sets will disrupt the game in your favor.

Protect Bigs

Another advantage of the 21 defense is that it allows your post player to be protected. Your post will be fronting everything down low since they'll always have weak side help. The interior is protected and allows for great rebounding position. Funneling the ball handler to the middle, and the ability to have weak side, helps limit the amount of possessions your post player will be faced with 1-on-1 situations.

Coach Pebley provides you with the necessary information to install the 21 half court defense. If you're looking for a different type of defense that will provide a fun and up-tempo option for your athletes, spread out opposing offenses, and help your team get into shape, then this video is worth a look!

48 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: offensive line drills to dominate the line of scrimmage
Offensive Line Drills to Dominate the Line of Scrimmage

with Ed Warinner,
University of Michigan Offensive Line Coach;
former Ohio State University Offensive Coordinator and part of the Buckeyes' 2014 National Championship staff;
former University of Notre Dame Offensive Line Coach;
2x Footballscoop Offensive Line Coach of the Year;
With 25+ years of coaching experience, Warinner has also led successful offensive line units at Army, Air Force (led the nation in rushing), Kansas (second in the nation in scoring), and Illinois (led the Big Ten in rushing)

Put bluntly, you won't win many games without scoring touchdowns, and you won't score many touchdowns without good blocking. This video showcases 20 drills from Ed Warinner, one of the most experienced and accomplished offensive line coaches at any level of football, that will help your linemen block at a championship level. Coach Warinner includes essential coaching points that can make the difference between a key block and a busted play. You will also learn how to teach your players to power walk, combo block and set block like pros.

A unique quality of this video is that Warinner not only talks through drills and skills in front of a screen - he takes you inside a live spring practice session so you can see how he interacts with his players on the field!

Building Skills, Year Round

'Developing blocking skills' is the name of the game when it comes to the offensive line. With that in mind, you're going to need effective drill packages that simultaneously improve technique and conditioning levels. Thankfully, with the drills you learn from Coach Warinner, you'll be able to develop your linemen all year long.

You'll get the following drills:

  • Fit & Finish
  • Combo Fit
  • Square Pull
  • IZZO (Inside Zone)

In the drills, linemen will learn how to keep their hand tight on a defender, maintain a low pad level, and how to block with or without help.

On The Field

Warinner takes you on the field to get a first-hand look at his coaching style and tempo during spring practice. Fully mic'd up, you'll see and hear the practice as it unfolds:

  • Pass protection drills
  • Run fits
  • Goal line plays

This video is a terrific asset to any offensive coordinator or offensive line coach looking to dominate next season. Your players will enjoy Coach Warinner's drills, and your fans will appreciate the extra touchdowns thanks to your team's improved play on the offensive line!

61 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: the building blocks of a fundamentally sound catcher
The Building Blocks of a Fundamentally Sound Catcher

with Lin Casciato,
Softball Coach and Clinician (since 1989) at all levels of softball - club, high school and college;
coach for NW Fastpitch (2018 ASA Oregon State Championship);
several Casciato-coached athletes have gone on to play for college programs at all levels

Essential Skills

This video features Coach Casciato as he shows you how to break down the various components of becoming a softball catcher.

You'll get tips and drills on:

  • Receiving - How to have soft hands and catch the ball in a way to help get a strike call.
  • Blocking - How to keep more balls pitched in the dirt from getting past you to control the opponent's running game.
  • Throwing - How to throw to each base quickly enough to keep opponents from stealing.
  • You'll see what proper body position and technique can do to improve actions behind the plate and increase the confidence of other players in the field. With more than two dozen drills, this video is filled with ways to hone the skills of any beginning catcher.

    Becoming a Catcher

    It can be intimidating for young girls to put on the catcher's gear and climb behind the plate to face pitches in fast-pitch softball. Casciato does an excellent job of helping young players understand how to be safe, productive, and even thrive, in their role as a catcher.

    This video offers many drills and coaching points that can help catchers of all levels, but are offered in a way that's easily comprehended by beginning-level players. This is your chance to learn from a master instructor and help your athletes absorb the fundamentals of catching.

    60 minutes. 2018.

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