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Cover: developing elite linebackers: drills and fundamentals
Developing Elite Linebackers: Drills and Fundamentals

with Bo Revell,
College of William & Mary Inside Linebackers Coach / Video Coordinator;
helped oversee the development of Luke Rhodes, a 2015 Butkus Award Watch List honoree and current member of the Indianapolis Colts;
played tight end for William & Mary - was a three-year starter and team captain his senior season

College of William & Mary linebackers coach, Bo Revell, delivers an outstanding video covering all aspects of linebacker play. You will unearth strategies for stopping the run game using your backers while also receiving drills for improved ball pursuit, tackling, and block destruction.

Alignment, Stance, Keys, and Responsibilities

Coach Revell begins by giving an overview of his beliefs in terms of teaching skills and concepts to his players. He explains how important it is to be careful in drill selection in that drills are directly relatable to skills that are performed on the field. Revell then gets into the fundamentals of linebacker play such as the stance, keys, alignment, and responsibilities of the linebackers in a single gap defense. You'll observe the course alignment adjustment that Coach Revell will make to put his linebackers in an advantageous position against certain modern run schemes.

Tackling and Block Destruction

Next, Revell demonstrates several drills that teach and reinforce proper leverage and tackling fundamentals. You'll see how to teach your players to defeat blocks by giving the players options in terms of how they attack and defeat blocks. Every player has different strengths and weaknesses, and therefore some players will be more effective with certain techniques than others.

If you want some linebacker drills and skill instruction that you can use to make your athletes better today, this is the video for you. Coach Revell shares several great insights into coaching linebackers at a championship level.

45 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: developing defensive backs: technique and mindset training
Developing Defensive Backs: Technique and Mindset Training

with Ras-I Dowling,
College of William & Mary Cornerbacks Coach;
former Howard University Cornerbacks Coach and Defensive Quality Control Coach;
drafted by the New England Patriots with the 33rd overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft;
2010 All-American and 3x All-ACC honoree at the University of Virginia

For the last 10 years, football at all levels has seen an explosion in passing offenses. Now more than ever do defensive coordinators require sound, fundamental defensive back play to keep their opponent from moving the chains. This video is an instant benefit to any defensive back coach or coordinator eager to create a "no-fly zone" in their defense. Coach Ras-I Dowling has provided detailed instructions on how to develop a shut-down defensive backfield.

Coach Dowling shares his non-negotiables for a successful defensive back player. With his instruction, you will learn to teach your players how to get "in-phase" against a pass receiver, how to defeat blocks, and how to "play the pocket" to force incomplete passes.

No Explosive Plays!

Today's pass-heavy offenses rely on creating explosive plays to move the ball and generate points. If a defense is to have any chance of success, it must have an answer to explosive plays. With this video, Dowling shows you the key factors and fundamentals you need to develop in your defensive backfield to eliminate big plays.

Dowling covers:

  • Exact pass defense alignment
  • Specific keys to read for immediate reaction
  • Techniques to defeat blocks, make tackles or deflect passes

Get the Drills That Teach the Skills

With game footage, Coach Dowling demonstrates how fundamentals apply in game situations. You'll get detailed instruction on:

  • Maintaining the correct position on a pass receiver
  • Approaching a ball carrier for a tackle
  • Creating turnovers to score points

This video is a must-have for any defensive back coach or defensive coordinator. Whether you are a new coach or a seasoned veteran looking to adapt, Coach Dowling gives you the tools to develop a smothering defensive backfield.

43 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: building a culture of mental toughness: the pyramid model
Building a Culture of Mental Toughness: The Pyramid Model

Rick McGuire, Ph.D.
University of Missouri (35 years, retired);
Head Men's and Women's Track & Field Coach
Graduate Professor and Director of Sport Psychology
Founder and Director of the Missouri Institute for Positive Coaching

Amber Selking, Ph.D.
Mental Performance Coach, University of Notre Dame Football
Adjunct Professor, Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame
Founder, Selking Performance Group
Director of People Performance for Lippert Companies, Inc.
Founded Notre Dame Christian Athletes (NDCA)

Patrick Ivey, Ph.D.
Associate Athletic Director for Health and Performance, Assistant Vice President at University of Louisville;
former Arkansas State Assistant Athletic Director for Athletics Performance;
Certifications: NSCA, CSCS, SCCC;
former Associate Director of Athletics Performance, University of Missouri
2013 Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year;
former NFL Player (Lions, Chargers, Broncos, Packers)

When your athletes are placed into the most pressure-filled environments, do you know how they will respond? Will they break under the adversity? Or, will they rise up to the challenge?

In this video, you will learn how to prepare and empower your athletes to be ready to perform their very best in even the most difficult situations.

Dr. Rick McGuire and his colleagues, Dr. Pat Ivey and Dr. Amber Selking, have developed a new model for identifying the essential capacities, capabilities, understandings and skills which coaches must consider when constructing a culture of mental toughness. With this blueprint, you will have the foundation and the guidelines for preparing your athletes to shine and perform in any situation, and especially when it is hard.

This Pyramid Model consists of the five fundamental elements, the building blocks of mental toughness and great performance.

  • Motivation - Powerful, Impacting, Lasting and Enduring
  • Thorough Preparation - Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mental
  • Focus - The "C's of SuCCCCCCCess": Confidence, Concentration, Composure, Courage, Commitment, Control and Choice
  • Emotional Stability - Emotional Strength, Emotional Resilience, Emotional Responsiveness, and Emotional Flexibility
  • Accountability - The personal choice to do what you are supposed to do ... when you are supposed to do it ... and how you are supposed to do it

Build a culture of accountability within your team that is directed by the personal autonomy and integrity of your athletes, more powerful than any established list of rules and consequences.

As the coach, you are responsible for more than just sport-specific training! Inform yourself on the full scope of thoroughly preparing your athletes, so they have all of the tools they need to perform and excel.

The confidence of your athletes is greatly strengthened when they know they are ready to handle any situation. Become an expert in developing all elements identified in The Pyramid.

This video will help you deliver the tools your athletes need to thrive in even the most adverse situations. Strengthening your athletes' mental toughness will prepare them not only for success in sport, but for success in inevitable array of life's challenges that follow!

Start building your culture of Mental Toughness today!

81 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: blueprint for a championship softball program
Blueprint for a Championship Softball Program

with Patrick Murphy,
University of Alabama Head Coach;
2012 Women's College World Series Champions;
5x SEC Coach of the Year ('06, '10, '12, '14, '19);
6x SEC regular season champs ('06, '10, '11, '12, '14, '19);
4x SEC Tournament champs ('03, '05, '10, '12);
NFCA National Coaching Staff of the Year (2012);
11x NFCA South Regional Coaching Staff of the Year;
over 1,100 career wins

Winning a championship doesn't just come down to physical skills. This video featuring Alabama head softball coach Patrick Murphy can help you develop the mental edge to instill a powerful offensive approach in the game of softball or baseball and give your team the best chance to win. You'll learn drills, philosophy, and tactics to get the most out of your players.

Hitting with Intent

Coach Murphy discusses ways to help hitters have a plan when they step up to the plate. From developing routines, to specific drills that work on different scenarios, this video has it all! Murphy breaks down his philosophy and discusses the following topics:

  • Hitting with a 0-2 count vs a 2-0 count
  • Splitting the plate into five sections and training hitters how to hit each location
  • Developing pitch location recognition

Attitude and Approach

Coach Murphy provides pointers for how to instill competitiveness in the batter's box. He gives tips on what hitters should do and how they should look prior to stepping in the box. Throughout the video, Murphy recommends various books, articles and videos to help reinforce the crucial components to developing the complete player. The knowledge he shares will help you learn strategies to foster a winning attitude and mental approach to the game and to life.

Survive and Advance Drill

This video has over 10 individual and team drills that will help develop your players' mindsets and reinforce your team's philosophy. Get the whole team involved with the Survive and Advance Drill! There are 19 accomplishments the team has to complete. If the tasks aren't completed, the whole team has a consequence. This drill is great for teaching players how to perform under pressure and work together to accomplish something great! Some examples include:

  • In two minutes or less, all infielders have to cleanly field a ground ball and complete a throw to first base and must go two times each
  • All outfielders must complete throws to third base and to home plate

Coach Murphy unlocks the secret to his success by sharing tips and tools to get the most out of your players, especially at the plate. His wealth of knowledge and resources he shares will help coaches of all ages develop mentally tough, smart and aggressive players.

58 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: implementing a smothering full court press defense
Implementing a Smothering Full Court Press Defense

with Gary Williams,
distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ('14);
member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame ('14);
former University of Maryland Head Coach;
2002 NCAA National Championship;
2x Final Four appearances ('01, '02);
2x ACC Coach of the Year ('02, '10)

Former University of Maryland head coach Gary Williams gives you insight into the keen basketball thinking and teaching style that helped him build a program that went to the NCAA Tournament fourteen times, including a streak of eleven consecutive appearances.

In this video, Coach Williams details the key factors which differentiate various presses. He shows you presses that both speed up and slow down opposing offenses. Starting with a man-to-man press, Williams shows how you can keep zone principles concise and accessible for your players, allowing your athletes to build and react with an aggressive mindset on both ends of the court.

Pressure Defense Concepts

This video will show you several ways you can improve on your current defensive pressure, including:

  • How working with interchangeable roles provides defensive flexibility.
  • Ways to tailor the press to adjust to different offensive sets.
  • Key details and reads that will help players become more efficient.
  • How to keep pressure dialed up in sideline out-of-bounds situations.

Utilizing Presses

Williams shows how to implement both man-to-man and zone presses for maximum advantage. By giving the defense precise goals and targets, you'll learn how to maintain pressure on the offense in the back court while protecting against easy baskets in the front court. You'll also see how Coach Williams works to get his players into an aggressive mentality versus the offense and discover the key areas of the floor that must be defended in order to hobble any offensive attack.

Finally, Williams shows how to adjust various pressure defenses to account for the talents of your own team and the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team. The theme is to give coaches both the basic rules and rotations for the defense while also highlighting areas where coaches can change things to account for individual game situations.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn pressure defense principles and tactics from one of the game's most innovative coaching minds. Coach Williams will help you implement a high pressure defense to improve your team's ability to win games.

66 minutes. 2020.

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