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Cover: the encyclopedia of the horns offense
The Encyclopedia of the Horns Offense
with Fran Fraschilla,
International Basketball Analyst for ESPN,
former Division I college basketball coach (Manhattan College, St. John's University and University of New Mexico),
former NABC District II Coach of the Year and MAAC Coach of the Year

Fran Fraschilla compiles the latest and greatest ideas on basketball offense from his decades of experience as a coach and as an ESPN analyst to deliver the ultimate guide to the Horns offense. You will see how to use the options in this offensive system to create a structured motion that can be tailored to suit the talents of your personnel.

In addition to these motion offense concepts, Coach Fraschilla also shows you over 25 set plays being used at the highest levels of basketball, such as the NBA and international play.

The Horns Offense

Learn the central principles to the Horns offense, including the spacing and roles of players in the offense. Coach Fraschilla shows you how to string together a series of 2- and 3-player actions in a structured motion based on four main types of cuts.

With every cut, you will learn the options that your players can utilize by reading the defense, as well as the technique required to score from those actions. Offensive actions include playing off of wide pin downs, dribble hand-offs, ball screens, flex cuts, dribble penetration and more.

Ball Screens

See how to improve the effectiveness of ball screens in your offense with the set plays and concepts that Coach Fraschilla has learned from studying the best teams in the world. Some of the keys to these plays are to incorporate false motion to scramble the defense, optimize spacing and separate your post from their defender as they sprint into a ball screen.

Learn how to use new tactics to execute ball screens, including flip screens for defenders that go under, the short roll versus aggressive defenses, back action for sagging defenders and the invisible screen to open up gaps for dribble penetration.

Set Plays

Coach Fraschilla expands on other scoring options with more than 15 set plays. A series of plays taken from the best teams in international basketball will show you how to score off staggered screens, pin downs, flex screens and post ups. The Horns set that Argentina has used to great success in recent international play is broken down in detail. You will see how multiple options can be created from this set to score off lobs, ball screens and down screens.

Multiple plays are also shown to help you create isolations for your best players and teach them how to score in late game situations. Coach Fraschilla explains how the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors flowed into the Horns offense with a secondary break that utilizes wide pin downs and stagger screens to free up shooters.

Fran Fraschilla has assembled the must-have resource for any coach who uses the Horns alignment in their offense. You'll be able to take bits and pieces from the video and implement them into your Horns offense or improve your preferred style of play.

149 minutes. 2016.

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Cover: the complete guide to bo ryan's swing offense & offensive system
The Complete Guide to Bo Ryan's Swing Offense & Offensive System

with Bo Ryan,
member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame (2017);
former University of Wisconsin Head Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA Final Four ('14 & '15); 4x Big Ten Coach of the Year;
7x Big Ten Champions (three tournament & four regular season titles);
former UW-Platteville Head Coach - 4x NCAA DIII National Champions); over 740 career wins (.762 winning percentage)

As basketball evolves, coaches are always looking for new offensive ideas that will help them create an edge. This video is THE most comprehensive presentation of the offensive strategy of Hall of Fame Coach Bo Ryan!

Using a whole-part-whole method, Bo Ryan introduces and provides the background knowledge necessary to building the Swing Offense from the ground up. He covers every aspect of an offensive game plan; from man to zone offense, out-of bounds plays from the sideline and baseline, full-court press attacks, late game plays, attacking half-court pressure, and 20 quick hitters.

You'll get nearly four hours of Coach Ryan teaching, correcting, installing and practicing offensive strategies for all levels of basketball.

The Swing Offense

Coach Ryan has long been known for his "Swing Offense" that features precise spacing, pace on cuts and screens, and relentless attacks on the rim. He starts with the installation of the Swing Offense vs. man defense, teaching the basics of the offense, first using 5-on-0 drills showing the up screen, back screen and fade screen principles that are the hallmarks of the offense. Ryan then transitions to teaching the offense and making adjustments for the players in 5-on-5 situations.

The video then teaches you how to use a variety of ball screen actions as the shot clock winds down to create scoring opportunities once the continuity aspect of the offense has been defended.

Within the offense, there are a variety of entries and counters that Coach Ryan explains with great detail. Every opponent will defend certain actions differently, and Ryan makes sure you are well prepared for anything a defense may throw at your team.

In addition to the Swing Offense, Ryan explains how his fast-paced transition offense seamlessly flows into the Swing. He demonstrates how to get high percentage shots early in the shot clock through various reads within his transition game. Everything he teaches is done with great pace, which puts the defense in multiple closeout positions and gives the offense a huge advantage.

Quick-Hitters and Special Situations

Coach Ryan provides sets that will help you attack in special situations, baseline out of bounds plays, sideline out of bounds plays and full court plays for different situations. He provides reasoning for using the sets and how to manage the clock.

The quick-hitters give your players some different formations to attack man defenses, including pressure releases, taking advantages of mismatches, getting the ball to certain players in certain areas of the court, providing offensive rebounding tips and techniques, and providing multiple ways for your players to be successful on the offensive of the ball.

Special situations from out of bounds are covered from both the sideline and baseline to attack both man and zone defenses with multiple sets shown with a multitude of options.

Breakdown Drills

Ryan demonstrates various breakdown drills that will show you how to teach certain concepts and formations within the Swing Offense. He creates building blocks within his breakdown drills that make it easy to apply them in a practice situation. He emphasizes the importance of running your drills with no defense as well as in live action. This allows players to learn the concepts in both a controlled and uncontrolled environment.

Zone Offense

The video provides a detailed zone offense strategy that begins with breakdown drills, including 2-on-0, 3-on-2, and 4-on-3 zone offense principles. Fundamentals covered include ball reversal, driving the g

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Cover: bo ryan's defensive system for success
Bo Ryan's Defensive System for Success

with Bo Ryan,
member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame (2017);
former University of Wisconsin Head Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA Final Four ('14 & '15); 4x Big Ten Coach of the Year;
7x Big Ten Champions (three tournament & four regular season titles);
former UW-Platteville Head Coach - 4x NCAA DIII National Champions); over 740 career wins (.762 winning percentage)

If you are looking for a half court man-to-man defense that turns up the pressure and can work at any level, then this video is for you!

Legendary basketball coach, Bo Ryan, has built a hall of fame career with strong defensive teams. Coach Ryan shares everything in this extensive breakdown into his defensive philosophy. You will learn a system that increases pressure without leaving the rim exposed. You'll also see a defense that limits fouls and maximizes turnovers and low percentage shots. Additionally, you'll learn how Coach Ryan builds this defense with capable defenders through a collection of 12 defensive drills. To top it all off, you'll get strategies for post defense, countering numerous screening actions, and extending your defense to full court pressure.

Coach Ryan begins by explaining the general principles to his defensive philosophy. The concepts will help you force turnovers, limit fouls, and force opponents into taking bad shots. You'll see how to challenge ball reversals by pressuring your opponent and learn how to pin the ball on the side with basic team defensive strategies based on where the ball is located on the court. Ryan discusses how to position help defense, contest passes with denial defense, proper technique on closeouts, and how to optimize your hand positioning when guarding the ball.

Post Defense

The best post defense is to never let a talented big touch the ball. Coach Ryan shows how to deny the post without getting exposed to seals. See how to fight for position to dead front the post and learn how to keep the defense guessing with a strategy to deny the pass into the high post.

Defensive Drills

Develop your players' skills and understanding of defensive concepts with 12 practice drills. These drills will give you the tools you need to refine the fundamentals of your individual defenders and establish a strong foundation for your team defense.

Train tenacious on-ball defense with a progression of drills that will teach the defensive stance, improve lateral movement with lane line slides, speed up your reaction time, and more. The Two Deads and a Charge Drill will teach your players how to direct the dribbler up the floor, increase your pressure in dead ball situations, and the proper technique for taking a charge.

Additional drills help you instruct players on concepts such as close outs, denial defense, and busting through screens. Three competitive drills will motivate players to protect the rim with great communication and help defense. The 4-on-4 Open Post drill adds an extra player at the high post that can attack the rim. The defenders must react in order to help and contain the drive.

Defensive Tactics

Opponents are going to test any man-to-man defense with a variety of screening actions. Coach Ryan breaks down his approach to defending seven types of screens including down screens, up screens, fade screens and staggered screens. You'll see two methods for defending double screens depending on how your opponent tries to use the action to score. Force your opponent into the lowest percentage plays on ball screens. Against high ball screens, Ryan demonstrates how to have your post "wall up" in order to push the dribbler wide. You will also see how and why to switch side ball screens.


Nothing negates great defense like giving up an offensive rebound. Coach Ryan hits on his keys to having rebounding success as an individual, and passes on a great rebounding drill to train those individual keys.

Diamond Full Court Press

Coaches need tools to a

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Cover: keith dambrot: 20 drills to prepare your team for the season
Keith Dambrot: 20 Drills to Prepare Your Team for the Season

with Keith Dambrot,
Duquesne University Head Coach;
former University of Akron Head Coach; Back-to-Back MAC Coach of the Year (2016-17);
5x MAC East Division Champions and 3x Tournament Champions;
led Akron to 21 wins or more in 12 of his 13 years as head coach, coached LeBron James while at St. Vincent-St. Mary's High School

Learn how to keep the pace of your practices up while still being able to accomplish your goals!

Keith Dambrot passes on a ton of drills and ideas in this high-paced video. He believes practices should match the way you play, and it's clear in this video that Coach Dambrot plays in an up-tempo, hard working way. You'll see 20 different drills that can help your team prepare for the season.

Using on court demonstrators, Dambrot provides you with numerous drills that will help you improve your team. From defensive fundamental drills, to combination drills, to offensive fundamental drills, Dambrot covers all aspects of the game. These drills are useful to coaches of all levels and keep the momentum of a practice going.

Defense Drills

Building from the ground up, Dambrot demonstrates individual defensive drills that will improve your players' footwork and defensive stance. From closeouts, to post defense, to help and recover, you'll learn a variety of drills that work on:

  • Closing Out -
  • A good drill to get reps and work on sprinting to the mid-line.
  • Denying the Wing -
  • Simple denial drill.
  • Help and Recovery -
  • Defending the gap and recovering to your man.
  • Post Defense -
  • Full fronting the defender and recovering on the line and up the line.
  • Dig Downs -
  • Helping the post when the ball gets entered.
  • Ball Screen Defense -
  • Three different screen situations and how to defend them

Coach Dambrot built a successful program at Akron that was based on a high pressure and high intensity mindset. His "fix it" mentality has helped generate some of the top defensive teams in Division I basketball. One of the best defensive drills covered is 5vs4, in which he consistently stresses the idea of "fixing it." In other words, the players must scramble because they are outnumbered to get in the right position to defend the ball and protect the basket. The constant action of fixing the defense is a must when you are outnumbered. Communication is also a key component to this drill.

Dambrot also covers a few more defensive areas, including inbound defense, 1 vs 1, big man defense, as well as trapping and reading the pass out of the trap.

Defending Screens

Using the saying "absolute vision on the ball," Dambrot demonstrates two drills to defend screens. Each drill helps you learn how to rotate as you trap screens or hedge screens. These drills will give your players multiple reps so they learn how to guard every screening action possible. In this section, Dambrot works on down screens, flare screens and stagger screens.

Offensive Drills

Two drills used for defensive purposes also cross over well to work on the offensive side of the ball. Peter's Drill and Shaka's Drill allow the team to focus on important offensive concepts. In Peter's Drill, an odd numbered build up transition drill gets athletes running up and down the court while quickly trying to take advantage of numbers. For Shaka's Drill, players learn to pass out of double teams, finding the open player while dealing with pressure.

The ball screen is one of basketball's most popular offensive concepts. In the Beilein Drill, Dambrot shows three uses of the ball screen while sticking true to his up-tempo practice style. The players sprint up and down the court, quickly executing all three ball screen actions. He then adds a "twist" to the offense that will keep your opponents guessing.

Coach Dambrot adds a few shooting drills that can easily be installed into your practices. These drills put pressure on the shooter and force them to make meaningful shots.

This video is packe

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Cover: skills & drills for a winning practice
Skills & Drills for a Winning Practice

with Mike Faith,
Franklin & Marshall Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA DIII Final Four appearances (2016-17);
2x Centennial Conference Champions (2017 & 2015);
former Elizabethtown College Head Coach,
2x Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) Champs and 2x MAC Coach of the Year;
Division III All-American midfielder at Salisbury University

While offering insights and explanations that illustrate why his programs are consistently successful, Mike Faith provides a blueprint to run an outstanding practice. In this 'open practice' session, Coach Faith leads you through drills & skills for both the offense and defense. From goalie and team warm-ups through the closing scrimmage, see how the fundamentals of the game are worked as units, and as a team.

Easy to follow whiteboard explanations followed by clear and well-paced live video will give you the confidence you need to present these drills to your team. Every aspect of the game is covered so you won't leave your team unprepared for their first game.


Coach Faith starts by warming up the goalie for the shots she will see during the practice. He then leads the team through a series of warm-up drills that focus on competitive ground balls, partner passing, and a weave.

The warm-up session transitions to the split offense/defense section of practice through a progressive 1v1 drill, as well as working on simulated fast breaks.

Offense and Defense Split Session

Join the defense as they work on footwork, ground balls, and stick checks. Learn how to more efficiently make use of practice time by adding footwork into your ground ball drills. Work through a series of five drills that help your defenders practice their stick checks from both the front and the back, and in varying situations.

On the offensive side, learn to get your attackers to the net through a series of three drills that work on the footwork and movement required to beat defenders and create opportunities.

Full Team Practice

Watch as Coach Faith works on center draws, including the players taking the draw as well as how the circle players help by boxing out. See how the skills worked on to this point in the practice are utilized to make you successful in this key moment of every game. Watch as the team works on another critical part of every game: the man-up/man-down situation. See how to attack and defend during these 2-minute drills.

Coach Faith ends practice with a full field, then 7v7 scrimmage. This is a great way to help solidify the skills worked on during the practice by applying them to a game situation.

This video is a guide to running a practice that emphasizes both individual and team development, complete with X's and O's and full explanation of drills and concepts.


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