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Cover: craig neal: 15 skill development drills
Craig Neal: 15 Skill Development Drills

with Craig Neal,
former University of New Mexico Head Coach;
2014 Mountain West Conference Tournament Champions;
former Toronto Raptors Assistant Coach & Scout

Optimizing a player development program with the best practice drills is a challenge that all coaches face. This just happens to be Craig Neal's area of expertise with his experience running the player development program for the Toronto Raptors. Coach Neal demonstrates 15 practice drills that cover every major factor of player development. He works from the perimeter, to the post and to transition, presenting drills for dribbling, passing, shooting, pick & roll and more to help take your players to the next level!

Ball Handling and Passing

Learn six drills that help develop the dribbling and passing skills for every player on your team. These drills are easy to implement into any practice and motivate the growth of your players by pushing them to the limits of their comfort zone.

See how Coach Neal uses tennis balls and two basketballs at the same time to improve a player's floor vision and hand coordination. Lobo Ball Handling will tighten up your players' dribbling and improve their change of direction with seven drill variations.

Passing is often an overlooked skill when players and coaches are working on skill development. Coach Neal demonstrates Lobo Passing, which will challenge your players to focus on completing every repetition with precision.


Teach your players how to become more productive scorers with drills that will help them attack the rim and improve their outside shooting. You'll learn Coach Neal's philosophy for developing footwork with a catch and pivot drill that will help players create their own space in order to score consistently.

In working on executing dribble moves in the open floor, Neal demonstrates Dribble Cones, which combine multiple moves to help your players score from anywhere on the court, whether it be finishes at the rim, mid-range pull-ups, or jump shots from the perimeter.

Finding a way to develop better shooters with games is something that Neal utilizes with his teams. He presents three shooting drills that will have your players competing against time/score to maximize shooting range and accuracy:

  • The Cone Shooting Drill - Helps players refine their body control to have a lightning-quick catch-and-shoot jumper while on the move.
  • Two Minute Shooting - Works on developing the mid-range jump shot and the three-point shot while also forcing players to work on the move and execute the catch-and-shoot technique properly.
  • Beat the Pro - With a scoring system in place, players take a total of seven shots and must avoid missing three to win the game.
  • Post Development

    Starting with the concept of developing and using a strong pivot foot, Coach Neal discusses and shows a series of ways to develop post play. By consistently operating with a strong foot pivot, you will see how you can score in either direction with primary and counter moves. Moves taught by Neal include the jump hook, jump shot, step through, and spin move.

    You will also learn how the inside pivot move can be used to relieve tough defensive pressure. Four practice drills will help to develop your posts' ability to score around the rim with these moves.

    Pick & Roll Technique

    The pick & roll series will help both your post and perimeter players learn how to score against a variety of defensive strategies. Coach Neal discusses the passing options he teaches his team versus four of the most common tactics, such as hard hedges, flat hedges, ice, and traps. The Outlet Drill will help your players simulate the mentality to get out and run in transition for easy scoring opportunities.

    If you want to be the best, you have to practice like the best. This video will show you high-level skill development drills Neal perfected in the NBA that can be used to great success in any gym by any team.

    Produced at the Fall 2016 Phoenix (AZ) clinic.

    70 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: the blocking techniques & training that propelled the netherlands to a surprising olympic finish
The Blocking Techniques & Training that Propelled the Netherlands to a Surprising Olympic Finish

with Giovanni Guidetti,
Head Coach of VakifBank Istanbul;
as the former Netherlands Women's National Team Head Coach, won the silver medal at the 2015 European Championships, the bronze at the 2016 World Grand Prix and a 4th-place finish at the 2016 Olympics (Rio) - the program's highest-ever Olympic finish; 2013 FIVB Club World Champions; 2x 'Coach of the Year' award recipient

Blocking is a training element that sometimes becomes monotonous to players. Giovanni Guidetti gives you an inside look into some of the blocking drills he used to train middle blockers on the Netherlands Women's Olympic volleyball team. He emphasizes repetition - the high reps will prove how tough your blocker's endurance is against a faster attacker - while also giving them better focus on the "read" part of the block.

Blocking Drills

Using a progression of defensive block drills, Guidetti shows you how to utilize your players better during block drills, provide more reps, understand the sequencing of the block-read defense, and provide another way to make them more explosive off the ground.

The drills demonstrated focus on a number of different areas:

  • Reading the setter and closing on the most common sets to the pins, middle and the 31 zone.
  • The footwork that the Netherlands used for quick attacks to out-of-system.
  • How to press over the net using the shoulders.
  • Closing to an attacker quickly and making last-minute adjustments.
  • How to use the interior hand to take away cross court while leaving the exterior hand to take away line and tool shots.
  • Training the blockers not to leave before they have read where the ball is going.

Throughout the presentation, you'll also learn how to incorporate a variety of training tools (medicine balls, elastics, boxes and bands) to emphasize blocking, reaching over the net and conditioning for foot work while blocking.

This video from Coach Guidetti will provide you with some great ideas to help bolster your team's blocking abilities!

Produced at the 2016 AVCA Annual Convention in Columbus, OH.

46 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: sean miller: ball screen defense within the pack line
Sean Miller: Ball Screen Defense within the Pack Line

with Sean Miller,
University of Arizona Head Coach;
2017 Pac-12 Coach of the Year - 3x Pac-12 Coach of the Year;
2017 Pac-12 Tournament and Regular Season Champions - led Arizona to six conference titles overall;
former Head Coach at Xavier, 3x A-10 champions; 2008 A-10 Coach of the Year

Teams at all levels are incorporating ball screens into their offense. Ball screens have become the go-to action to break down defenses and force them to scramble to help on all scoring options. In this video, Sean Miller shows you how to establish a simple defensive system that can effectively shut down any type of ball screen you'll face.

Building a defensive system should always start from the ground up, and Miller uses on court demonstration to show it. Starting with closeouts and building into help defense and defending ball screens are important in any defensive scheme you run. Using a series of breakdown drills that can be modified to many different situations, Coach Miller demonstrates the teaching points and techniques he uses with his own teams to build ball screen defense.

Vegas Closeouts

Through three variations of the Vegas Closeouts drill, your players will learn how to be "tough on the ball," which is the foundation for a good man to man defense. You'll learn how to increase your pressure on the ball and handle fakes without giving up an advantage. Additionally, two drill variations are demonstrated that will teach players how to stunt and recover against dribble penetration and their responsibilities on post feeds.

Side Ball Screens

On sideline ball screens, Coach Miller uses what they call a "jump" technique to stop the ball handler. Similar to a hard hedge, this technique is a great way to obstruct the ball handler from turning the corner while also allowing the on ball defender to easily go over the top of the screen while keeping the other defender from fouling.

You'll also learn how to use the "jump" tactic with your screen defender to aggressively disrupt the pick & roll. Other concepts such as how to increase your pressure on the dribbler with a semi-trap and loading the floor with help side defenders are also explained. You'll learn how to communicate ball screen coverages in even the loudest game environments.

Middle Ball Screens

Against ball screens occurring in the middle of the floor, several defensive concepts are used based on the personnel and situation involved. The "plug" technique allows the defender guarding the screener to help take away the ball handler's ability to shoot the 3-pointer while still being able to recover to the rolling screener. Miller also tells you how he adjusts to defending screeners that are a threat to pick & pop.

You'll learn how you can apply the "jump" defense to these types of screens in addition to using the "weak" strategy for forcing the dribbler toward your help against flat ball screens.

Breakdown Drills

The successful implementation of any defensive system is going to be dependent on the quality of the drills you use to reinforce these concepts. Miller has three drills demonstrated that he uses to teach his teams to defend multiple ball screen situations in one possession.

  • 2-on-2 Ball Screen Defense Drill - Teaches the on-ball and screener's defenders to defend sideline, middle, and step-up ball screens.
  • 3-on-3 Ball Screen Defense Drill - Teaches defenders how to help on middle ball screen situations with a roll and replace, as well as a sideline pick & pop using an X technique.
  • Van Gundy Ball Screen Drill - Incorporates 5-on-5 situations to teach teams how to defend multiple ball screens in one possession with an open or closed corner, and how to help the helper.

During all these drills, Miller emphasizes being tough on the ball and in good defensive positioning.

This video gives you everything you need to teach your team how to defend any ball screen situation. You'll learn technique, rotations, and an aggressive strategy that will help your team build a dominating defense.

Produced at the Fall 2016 Phoenix (AZ) clinic.

82 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: mark few: attacking the 2-3 zone with multiple sets
Mark Few: Attacking the 2-3 Zone with Multiple Sets

with Mark Few,
Gonzaga University Head Coach;
2017 NCAA National Runner-Up;
2017 AP Coach of the Year; 2017 Naismith Coach of the Year,
18 consecutive seasons in NCAA Tournament (1999-2016) with 7 Sweet 16 and 2 Elite Eight Appearances;
11x WCC Coach of the Year; over 500 career wins;
Five straight WCC Regular Season and Tournament Championships (2013-17) - has led Gonzaga to 16 Regular Season and 14 Tournament titles total

Zone defenses are frequently used to take teams out of their primary man attack. Teams that lack an effective game plan versus zones will be at a complete disadvantage. In this video, 2017 Naismith Coach of the Year Mark Few demonstrates how to put your team at an advantage when facing zone defenses.

Using five sound principles, Coach Few teaches concepts for beating a zone in transition, in the half-court, and after a shot goes up. These principles include quick transition, concepts of ball reversal, attacking inside out, guard rules, and the importance of offensive rebounding. He includes some set plays that have been proven to beat the best zones, as Few discusses how he successfully used them against Syracuse, who has arguably the best 2-3 zone in the country.

Key Points to Attacking Zone Defense

As more and more teams across the country are employing zone defenses, effective zone attacks and set plays have become a necessary part of the successful coach's playbook. Coach Few reveals multiple ways to successfully attack zone defense with his arsenal of plays.

Coach Few begins by discussing his 5- Key Points to attacking zone defense which include:

  • Attacking the zone defense by beating the zone down the floor
  • Swinging the ball as quickly as possible
  • Getting the ball in the high-post
  • Requiring perimeter players to have feet and hands ready
  • Pounding the offensive boards

Zone Actions and Set Plays

Coach Few passes on some basic sets his team uses to attack the zone. These sets are easy to implement and Few does a great job of describing the strengths of each set. Some different actions involved in these sets are:

  • X Action with post players
  • Dribble drag action to get the defense off balance
  • Ghosting, or hiding your big behind the zone
  • Reversals to beat the defense with quick passing
  • Screen Downs to get the defense to scramble out
  • The 13 set, which emphasizes a creative entry into high post action

Coach Few passes on some quick hitters that are sure to get your team a great look at the basket. While most plays verses zones can get you a wide open 3-point shot, the key to breaking a zone is actually getting the ball inside. With almost every play shown in this video, Few demonstrates how to get the ball inside, or at least occupy the inside defenders to create openings for the perimeter offensive players.

One of the winningest coaches in today's game, Few gives you everything you need to build a sound and explosive zone offense. You'll learn clearly-presented concepts and principles which immediately help your zone attack. Use Coach Few's zone offensive philosophy to take your team to the next level.

Produced at the Fall 2016 Phoenix (AZ) clinic.

65 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: archie miller's shooting program
Archie Miller's Shooting Program

with Archie Miller,
Indiana University Head Coach
former University of Dayton Head Coach, 2017 A-10 Coach of the Year;
Back-to-Back A-10 Champions ('16-'17); 2014 Elite Eight,´┐Ż´┐ŻAssistant Coach for the 2015 USA Men's U19 World Team (Gold Medal in 2015 FIBA World Championships)

Archie Miller is one of the brightest minds in coaching today. His high-octane offensive teams at Dayton were some of the most feared teams in all of college basketball. His teams relied on putting pressure on opponents with their ability to shoot the 3-ball. Coach Miller has developed an intense shooting program that aims to stretch a player's talents to the extreme.

Utilized primarily during spring workouts and carried on into the regular season, Miller unveils 12 drills that he utilizes to develop high-efficiency shooters. The shooting workout is designed to get an individual player 900 game-like shots in a 40 minute window. It's not only designed to physically challenge players, but also mentally challenge athletes as well. Players will utilize his meticulous charting to tangibly see their growth as a shooter throughout the course of the 6-week session.

Shooting Program Criteria

The first 10 minutes of the video sees Coach Miller outline the specifics of the program. Discussed are:

  • The frequency at which Miller conducts the shooting workout
  • The duration of each individual workout
  • The intensity level at which each workout should be conducted
  • How to track improvement/success in regards to shooting accuracy
  • How to distinguish the program in order to make it unique

Perimeter Shooting Drills

With drills progressing in nature and executed at game speed, each player is pushed beyond his or her comfort level in order to achieve maximum levels of improvement. Each drill contains a timed component along with a built in goal regarding the number of shots attempted and the number of shots made.

In all, 12 drills are on full display that involve all components related to shooting:

  • Footwork
  • Catch-and-shoot accuracy
  • Shooting off of the dribble
  • Shooting while on the move
  • Mid-range accuracy
  • 3-point accuracy
  • Shooting while fighting exhaustion

One particular drill of note is the Hubie Browns. This on-the-move drill helps players focus on the fundamentals of their footwork. Wing to wing, top to top and wing to other wing shots are taken. This timed drill is not only a great fundamental drill, but also - as with every drill Miller introduces - a fantastic conditioner. Players will keep track of their numbers and will always have a goal to shoot for.

Coach Miller adds two game-like post shooting drills late in the video. These drill can easily be added into a practice and will immediately help your bigs develop the shots they'll use in a game.

As the sport of basketball transitions into a spread-the-floor, positionless game that relies more and more on perimeter shooting, coaches have had to adapt and build players that are more capable of being a scoring threat out to 3-point range. This video will help you do just that!

Produced at the Fall 2016 Cleveland (OH) clinic.

71 minutes. 2017.

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