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Cover: todd lorensen: "positionless" motion offense
Todd Lorensen: "Positionless" Motion Offense

with Todd Lorensen,
Buena Vista University Head Coach;
former Southwestern (IA) Community College Head Coach;
2018 NJCAA DII National Tournament (Third Place);
2017 NJCAA DII National Champions;
2017 NJCAA DII National Coach of the Year,
2017 NABC National Junior College Coach of Year;
2x Iowa Community College Athletic Conference Champions;

and Jeremy Shulman,
Eastern Florida State College Head Coach;
2018 NJCAA DI National Tournament (Third Place);
2017 NJCAA DI National Runners-Up;
2018 Mid-Florida Conference Champions;
4x Southern Conference Coach of the Year;
2017 USA Basketball Men's U19 National Team Trials court coach

This video will give you two approaches to motion offense that can excel from youth levels all the way up to championship college programs!

Highly successful coaches Todd Lorensen and Jeremy Shulman combine to demonstrate the skills, drills, and spacing needed to develop an offense that incorporates all the elements of today's "pace and space" game.

Todd Lorensen: 5-Out Motion

Many teams are moving to a "positionless" approach to basketball as defenses continue to adapt to today's offensive strategies. Coach Lorensen shows you how to develop the basic cutting, screening, and passing skills needed to maximize effectiveness in the positionless motion offense, including an automatic skip pass action that generates three to five additional lay-ups per game.

The highlights of Coach Lorensen's presentation include:

  • How to develop a two-foot jump stop technique to help players avoid charges and blocked shots.
  • Drive and drift motions that free up your best shooters for stand-alone 3-point shots.
  • How to tailor your offense to exploit specific opposing team weaknesses.
  • A rapid fire drill that improves spacing and increases the number of shots players get in practice.

Lorensen shows you 12 two- and three-man drills that emphasize skills such as basket cuts and spacing on dribble penetration.

Additionally, you'll learn how different sets can help you identify and exploit mismatches and get expert advice on how to transition into basic motion sets from a variety of spots on the floor.

Jeremy Shulman: 4-Out Motion

Learn the seven layers to Coach Shulman's motion offense that allowed his team to average 1.2 points per possession on offense in its 2016-17 National Championship season. He breaks down how each action combines to build an offense that is extremely difficult to stop and virtually impossible to scout. These layers will help you progressively install additional complexity into your system over time.

Coach Shulman teaches you:

  • How to space after ball screen action to pressure the defense and drastically reduce the possibility of a steal.
  • Three ways to use off-ball motion to open up driving lanes and help your players get more lay-ups.
  • How to neutralize an aggressive switching defense.
  • The best way to take advantage of post positioning to get easy shots.
    • This offense will be simple to teach and easy for your players to understand while creating numerous ways to challenge your defense.

      Don't confine your players into roles! Expand their skill sets and basketball intelligence by playing in this open system that will empower your team to make plays by making great reads and reacting on the court.

      96 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: tara vanderveer: individual & team skill development drills
Tara VanDerveer: Individual & Team Skill Development Drills

with Tara VanDerveer,
Stanford University Head Women's Coach;
1035+ wins (currently the #1 active women's coach in wins, currently #2 All-time in wins); 2x NCAA Championship Coach;
7 National Coach of the Year awards; 10x Pac-12 Coach of the Year;
2010 NCAA National Runners-up; 1996 US Women's Olympic Team Head Coach (Gold Medal);
distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2011); John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching Award (2014);
Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (2002); Women's Sports Foundation International Women's Sports Hall of Fame (1998); WBCA's Carol Eckman Award (2018)

Tara VanDerveer is an exceptional coach who has learned the most efficient ways to develop players over the course of a forty-year career. She has worked extensively with USA Basketball to help mold and shape today's players into hard working athletes. In this video, you will learn how Coach VanDerveer has developed championship athletes by working on fundamental skills in fun and competitive practice drills.


First, you'll get a few tips that have helped VanDerveer during her own coaching journey. She states that focusing on ball handling is a must for every player and the ability to use either hand is crucial. Additionally, passing is an underrated art in today's game, and players must able to pass and catch without missing a beat.

Shooting, according to Coach VanDerveer, starts with layups. She teaches her own players using the acronym BEEF - Balance, Eyes, Elbows, Feet. Finally, teaching defense is done from the stance up. When you put all of these elements together, it creates fundamentally sound players that serve as the backbone for your program.

Ball Handling and Dribbling

Any good player must be able to handle the ball to some degree. Ball slaps, taps, circles, and figure-8s will help your players develop a feel for the ball and work well as warm-up drills. As players progress to moving with the ball, they can develop solid go-to moves. One of VanDerveer's favorite drills comes from skill development coach Ganon Baker, in which athletes make one-hand passes, make a move, and pass back with one hand. This helps players develop balance using both hands.

Passing Series

Coach VanDerveer shows her USA Passing Drill, which combines her motion offense within a passing drill to help players catch on the move and finish around the rim. In 3 Ball Passing, players learn to communicate by passing, catching and calling out names as they move around the paint.

Once athletes have built their foundation of passing and catching in the half court, VanDerveer expands and demonstrates her drills to develop full court passing. In 3 Lane Passing, players work on passing, catching, and dribbling in the open court.

Shooting Drills

Beginning with layups, VanDerveer shows how to shoot different types of layups - underhand, overhand, hook shot, and reverse. Players will develop their finishing skills and improve footwork, especially when you add a defender to create a game-like situation.

Moving away from the rim, VanDerveer explains how to teach players to make more bank shots and create angles on the floor to get open jump shots. In her Partner Transition Drill, athletes incorporate full court passing and finish with either a layup around the rim or a jumper in the paint.

Defensive Drills

A player isn't complete without a solid foundation on defense. Beginning with a solid stance, players use the Mirror Drill to work on guarding 1v1. Offensive players can also continue to build their finishing moves as they play 1v1 live. In Ricochet Rebounding, your post players will learn to develop their "hit and get" technique as well as finishing with an outlet pass. Every big on your roster must be able to go pursue a rebound and execute a put-back.

Coach VanDerveer has been developing players at Stanford for the past 30+ years and knows how to improve their skills as soon a

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Cover: how to build your half-court defense from the ground up
How to Build Your Half-Court Defense from the Ground Up

with Brian Dutcher,
San Diego State University Head Coach;
long-time assistant coach to Steve Fisher (Michigan & SDSU); 1989 National Championship at Michigan;
lead recruiter for the "Fab 5" at Michigan; back-to-back D-I National Runners-Up (1992, 1993);
2x Sweet Sixteen appearances at SDSU (2011, 2014); 10x Mountain West Champions

Regarded as one of the nation's top assistant coaches for decades, Brian Dutcher, now the head coach of San Diego State University, unveils years of experience on the defensive side of the ball in this video. Coach Dutcher displays the drills and techniques that have helped him produce great defensive teams at both the University of Michigan and at San Diego State.

Coach Dutcher shows how to build your defense from closeouts, to weak-side positioning, post defense, double teaming, ball screen defense and more. You'll have everything you need to create a dominant defensive system!

Closeouts and Weak-Side Positioning

One of the most important aspects of a great defense is the closeout. Coach Dutcher shows three drills to teach technique and weak-side positioning through closeout drills that build from 1-on-1 to 2-on-2. The "Top and Bottom I" drill works on seeing the ball from the weak-side, helping on dribble penetration, and recovering with a good fundamental closeout in a 2-on-2 set up.

Post Defense

The cornerstone of any defense is post defense. Dutcher shows how his teams defend the post with multiple drills. From their base defensive look, Dutcher demonstrates a drill that works on all phases of half-court post defense.

If you ever consider doubling the post, this segment will be extremely valuable as Coach Dutcher thoroughly explains how his teams double the post and rotate out of traps. Whether you are doubling big-to-big or guard-to-big, you will have your team well prepared for all scenarios.

Meeting of Three and 4-on-4 Stunting

The "Meeting of Three" drill is a perfect exercise to get athletes multiple reps and incorporate many players at once without any standing around. The drill works on defending the floppy action or pin-down screen and shows how to guard the action as a team. The 4-on-4 Stunting drill is a take on the old Shell drill, emphasizing stunting and closing out.

Ball Screen Defense

The ball screen has filtered down to nearly all levels of basketball, and sooner or later your team will face it and need a solution. The popular ball screen motion offense is widely used, and Coach Dutcher shows how to attack this offense and stop penetration. Dutcher puts in a 2-on-2 breakdown drill to practice ball screen defensive reads. Wrapping up the segment, you will see a competitive ball screen cut throat drill.

If you want to build a dominant defensive system, look no further. This video will teach you drills and skills from one of the most experienced coaches in the game so you can start shutting down your opponents!

85 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: versatility and adaptability: keys to sustainable excellence
Versatility and Adaptability: Keys to Sustainable Excellence

with Dr. John Tauer,
University of St. Thomas Head Men's Coach;
2016 NCAA D-III National Champions - 2x NCAA D-III Champions (2016, 2011);
2016 UPS NABC Division III Coach of the Year; 2013 Basketball Times D-III and D3 News National Coach of the Year;
6x MIAC Champions (2012-17); has the distinction of having played in, been an assistant coach, and been a head coach in the Division III Final Four; Professor of Psychology (St. Thomas), published sports psychology author and columnist;

Dr. John Tauer, who, in addition to being one of the most successful coaches at the D-III level today, is also a Professor of Psychology and has authored sports psychology-related columns (in Psychology Today) as well as published a book on sports parenting, fully understands what it takes, on many levels, to have sustained program success year after year. In this video, Coach Tauer discusses his strategies for developing versatile players plus how to be adaptable as a coach - two keys that he believes, and has proven, to be a recipe for enduring success.

Developing Culture and Fundamentals

Coach Tauer discusses the three goals that he uses within his program that have little to do with basketball directly. He believes developing a winning culture will result in winning on the court. Dr. Tauer covers what it means to be great, and how a vision of excellence, coupled with a growth mindset, will help enhance players individually as well as the overall program.

Practice Drills

You'll learn six different drills that Coach Tauer uses daily to develop important fundamentals like passing, catching, and defense. He believes that players can possess various skill sets and be great at different things, but no athletes can be great at anything if they can't pass and catch the ball. These drills are great for increasing and developing competitiveness in practice.

Tauer shows unique ways to teach basic skills in drills like his 3v3 1/2/0 Dribble Offense drill. The drill will help get players in an attacking mindset and teach them how to pick apart a defense. Additionally, the drill is a great way to encourage a "team attack" mentality and creates opportunities for everyone on the court.

Coach Tauer brings an understanding for the game of basketball that goes beyond the court. If players don't understand their "why," they may never reach their full potential as a basketball player or person. Applying the concepts in this video to your program will help increase resilience in your players and give them a better understanding of what it means to be a great person and great teammate, all while helping you build a program primed for sustained success.

85 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: last-second out of bounds plays + guiding principles for team success
Last-Second Out of Bounds Plays + Guiding Principles for Team Success

with Mike Fratello,
NBA Analyst;
former Memphis Grizzlies, Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks Head Coach;
ranks #18 on the NBA all-time wins list with 667 career victories;
1986 NBA Coach of the Year; 1988 NBA All-Star Head Coach; Ukrainian National Team Head Coach (2011-2014)

Mike Fratello draws on a lifetime of experience coaching at the highest levels of basketball to help you raise your game. This video will help you ask the right questions to optimize your offensive system. You will also learn a collection of over 20 time-tested plays for late-game situations that might just help you win a game of your own in the future.

Coach Fratello shares the insights he has learned from decades of coaching so that no detail is missed in developing your offensive philosophy. He gives you ideas for a multitude of considerations such as adapting offense to your personnel, designing inbound plays for any situation, offensive rebounding, shot distribution, how to discuss these topics with your players, and more. Coach Fratello's thoughts will fuel discussion for your coaching staff to be ready for the season ahead.

Full Court Plays

Six plays are demonstrated that will help you cross the entire court to score in the final seconds of a game. Coach Fratello shows home run options when there is no time to dribble, options for getting the ball in play versus pressure, plays that will create advantage situations for lay-ups, and multi-purpose plays with several scoring options.

Sideline Plays

Eight sideline plays will open up 3-point scoring opportunities through a variety of methods to confuse the defense. These concepts are effective for situations where the defense might be switching screens. Several plays also show how to get a lay-up at the rim with as little as one second left on the clock!

Baseline Plays

Coach Fratello shows several plays underneath the basket to get a quick shot close to the rim. These plays will shift the defense and combine with screens to open up gaps for easy scoring opportunities.

These plays have been a part of some of the great moments in basketball history. Add them to your own library of special situation plays with the help of Coach Fratello!

78 minutes. 2019.

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