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Cover: champcoach basketball membership
ChampCoach Basketball Membership

Featuring over 700 full-length basketball coaching videos from an amazing collection of Hall of Fame, NCAA, NBA & High School Championship-winning coaches such as: Bill Self, Jay Wright, Steve Alford, Dean Smith, Jerry Tarkanian, Mike Krzyzewski, Tom Izzo, Mark Few, Fred Hoiberg, Roy Williams, Jim Boeheim, Geno Auriemma, Rick Majerus, Pat Summitt, Gregg Popovich, Kevin Boyle, Fran Fraschilla, Bob Knight, Billy Donovan, John Wooden, Bob Huggins, Bob Hurley, Sherri Coale, Dana Altman, Dick Bennett, Bruce Pearl, Brad Stevens, Chris Mack, Gregg Marshall and many, many more!

Every Topic Covered!

Whether you're looking for adjustments or a new system, ChampCoach contains all the valuable X&Os you need to successfully run zone, man, or transition offense.

Have you ever wanted to explore the differences between Jim Boeheim's legendary 2-3 zone defense and Rick Majerus' triangle-and-two? At ChampCoach, you can learn both systems and decide which will work best for your team. Then, dig into more videos on your system to increase your knowledge and put your team in position to be successful.

ChampCoach also lets you sample what recent NCAA and National High School Championship coaches like Jay Wright, Mike Krzyzewski, Geno Auriemma, and Kevin Boyle do for player development in their practices.

And that's just scratching the surface!

From the Unrivaled, Award-Winning Championship Productions Studios in Ames, Iowa!

If you are familiar with basketball coaching videos, then you are familiar with Championship Productions! Championship Productions invented the instructional sport video in the 1970s and has been on the cutting edge, featuring the most successful coaches on film, ever since! As we have transitioned from VHS to DVD to instant videos, hundreds of thousands of basketball coaches all over the world have benefitted from the skills instruction, from in-depth demonstrations of offensive and defensive concepts, and, from seeing how the best coaches in the world run their practices and enjoy consistent, hard-earned success. Championship Productions has been long recognized as the world's leader in sport instructional videos and has been showered with numerous Telly Awards (the highest award in video programming) but most importantly, with praise and gratitude from coaches of basketball teams, at all levels of play, for all that we have allowed them to learn and subsequently, teach, to their teams for the past 40 years!

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Cover: presents: 50 set plays for attacking zone defense Presents: 50 Set Plays for Attacking Zone Defense
  • Geno Auriemma - University of Connecticut Head Coach
  • Fran McCaffery - University of Iowa Head Coach
  • Kermit Davis - Middle Tennessee State Head Coach
  • Brad Brownell - Clemson University Head Coach
  • Bill Self - University of Kansas Head Coach
  • Bob Huggins - West Virginia University Head Coach
  • Kevin Boyle - Montverde Academy (FL) Head Coach, back-to-back-to-back High School National Champions (2013-15)
  • Tony Bergeron - Five-Star Basketball Camp Program Director
  • Tom Izzo - Michigan State University Head Coach
  • Sean Miller - University of Arizona Head Coach
  • Tod Kowalczyk - University of Toledo Head Coach
  • Jeff Walz - University of Louisville Head Women's Coach
  • Jim Ferry - Duquesne University Head Coach
  • Eric Flannery - 2014 USA Men's U17 Developmental National Team Assistant Coach (FIBA World Championship gold medal)
  • Vance Downs - Ames (IA) High School Head Coach
  • Matt Woodley - University of Pittsburgh Assistant Coach; former Iowa Energy (NBADL) Assistant Coach

Seventeen of the game's best coaches showcase zone-busting offensive sets that are sure to wreak havoc against any zone defense.

Master the art of out-scheming the most common zone defenses such as the 2-3, the 3-2, and the occasional 1-3-1 defense in order to secure the shots you want to take - not the ones the defense wants you to shoot.

Geno Auriemma Series - The Hall of Fame coach shows you four plays to attack the 1-3-1 and 2-3 zone defenses. Two plays illustrate how you can attack through the high post, and two more make use of screens starting from different stack alignments to free up shooters.

Fran McCaffery Series - A series of three plays that will help you score from inside and outside the 2-3 zone. Learn how to create opportunities for lob passes, post feeds and perimeter jump shots in addition to counters when the defense takes away the primary scoring option.

Kermit Davis Series - Three plays for screening the bottom defenders in a zone to create inside scoring opportunities with post feeds or lob passes.

Brad Brownell Series - Attack the 2-3 zone with ball screens using the Post Up play to force the defense to give up shots in the paint off a duck-in or allow open 3-point shots from the corner.

Bill Self Series - Five plays for attacking zone defenses. Coach Self shows two ways to deliver lob passes to a post or perimeter player of your choice. You also get three more plays, including his all-time favorite zone play, that allows you to strategically screen the zone to open up inside and outside shots.

Bob Huggins Series - Coach Huggins walks you through different ways to read the defense in a play that makes use of a double screen and misdirection to score from inside the zone.

Kevin Boyle Series - The four-time High School National Coach of the Year shares four plays that utilize high ball screens, baseline screens, and overloads to help you score with jump shots for your best shooter, post feeds and lobs.

Tony Bergeron Series - Two plays for defeating the 3-2 zone. In addition to showing you how the baseline screens and pin screens of his Baseline and Push work, you will also learn additional ways to score when the defense takes away your first options.

Tom Izzo Series - Five plays to dismantle zone defenses. Options illustrated include high ball screens, fake hand-offs, cross screens, and more that will help you find scoring opportunities at the rim or open looks for your best shooters.

Sean Miller Series - Create a lob opportunity for a high-flying perimeter player with Eagle. When the defense begins to take away this option, Coach Miller shows you how to counter their overplay and get an open 3-point shot with Double Eagle.

Tod Kowalczyk

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Cover: bill evans: half court match-up zone defense
Bill Evans: Half Court Match-Up Zone Defense

with Bill Evans,
Idaho State University Head Coach;
2016 Big Sky Coach of the Year; winningest head coach in Southern Utah history (1992 - 2007); led conference in scoring defense every season as an assistant coach at Montana (2007-2012)

"Is it a 1-1-3?"
"Is it a 1-3-1?"
"Is it a 2-3?"
"How do you attack this thing?"

Those are the questions your opponents will be asking when they go up against Bill Evans' unique match-up zone defense that has a history of success stemming back decades!

Evans shares his considerable experience using this zone defense in one of the most in-depth match-up zone videos you will find. Unlike in typical zone defenses, your players will constantly be able to cover the ball with rotations rather than getting confused with two players on the ball in a bump situation. This video shows how you can turn up the pressure with multiple traps, disrupt passing lanes, or play more conservatively to protect the paint.

Match-Up Zone Rules

The rules of Evans' zone defense are broken down in detail through whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstration. You will learn the responsibilities for each player on the floor and how they rotate as the ball moves. Evans shows how to crowd the high post while applying ball pressure with the "Up Guard" and "Down Guard". Unlike other zone defenses, this system simplifies the coverages of the guards so they aren't exhausted while trying to defend all parts of the floor.

Additionally, you'll see how the "Middle Man" protects the rim while also rotating out to defend the corner with support from the "Up Men." The unique vocabulary of the positions and court geography are explained in addition to the technique that players use while shifting alignments to match up to the ball.

Adjusting the Zone

Coach Evans also makes sure to break down the most common scenarios that you will face with this zone. You'll see how you can adjust your coverage against offenses with different alignments such as a two-man front or overload. Evans even details how to cover skip passes with the "Modify" adjustment.

This zone allows players to attack penetration to keep the ball out of the paint, whether it be off the dribble or the pass. Evans presents multiple strategies you can use when the ball gets into the high post depending on the abilities of your opponents. You will also see how this zone defends ball screens, optimizes your chance for securing rebounds, and shuts down out of bounds plays.

Disrupt Offenses!

The zone also features numerous tactics for disrupting your opponent. You can increase the pressure by trapping numerous spots on the floor, including the wings, corners, and short corners. Evans shares three variations on how to trap the low post. The zone can also extend and disrupt passing lanes using the "Choke" and "Blitz" strategies. These options will force turnovers, confuse your opponents, and slow their ball movement to a crawl.

To help you install this defensive system, three breakdown drills are also included that will help your players internalize the rotations necessary for them to hit their spots as quickly as possible.

Send opposing teams back to the drawing board as they try to crack the puzzle of this zone defense - your new not-so-secret weapon!

94 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: ed cooley: transition & secondary offense
Ed Cooley: Transition & Secondary Offense

with Ed Cooley,
Providence College Head Coach;
2014 Big East Tournament Champions; 2010 Ben Jobe National Coach of the Year

This video featuring Providence head coach Ed Cooley contains a detailed and comprehensive look into how to execute an aggressive running offense. In his high-energy presentation, Coach Cooley breaks down the fast break offense position by position.

You'll learn how to transition into a fast, physical, and connected offense from the moment your team gets the rebound. Cooley shows how to build an attacking offense off of made baskets to keep continued pressure on your opponents.

Planning the Attack

Coach Cooley goes into great detail about how to plan for multiple defensive coverages, ensuring that your offense has an effective counter for anything the defense throws at them. He shows the Laser/Roadrunner organized break as well as the terminology used to give each player a role and an area of the floor to occupy. You'll see options for baseline drives and kicks, how to a hit a runner in the middle of the floor, and how to move the basketball to get an open shot or layup.

Cooley details the following key tactics for attacking off the break:

  • How to isolate and position your big man in transition.
  • How to deal with switching defenses.
  • Multiple ways to flow seamlessly into the secondary break.

Transition to Secondary Break

Transitioning into the secondary break and continuing to press the offensive advantage in transition is an under-emphasized facet of the game for many teams. By utilizing multiple ball screens with a variety of options out of every set, Cooley gives coaches and players a wealth of practical information about how to create mismatches, 2-on-1 advantages, and easy 3-point shots for your best shooters.

In addition to X's and O's, Cooley spends time showing how to reach players, build confidence and increase buy-in from your team while building a fast-paced, attacking offense.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a highly accomplished coach and basketball strategist. Coach Cooley's presentation on the transition offense and the secondary break is a treasure trove of insights and information that will translate directly into more points scored and a more efficient offense for your team!

53 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: will rey: building the versatile 1-3-1 zone defense
Will Rey: Building the Versatile 1-3-1 Zone Defense

with Will Rey,
Northridge Prep (IL) Head Boys Basketball Coach for 14 years: 265 wins, 12 Championships, 9 Coach of the Year Awards;
IBCA, Chicago Catholic League and 5-Star Camp Hall of Fame member; Coached NCAA Basketball for 19 years

If you're looking for a defense that doesn't require a lot of time to install, will help your team be successful regardless of its talent level, and uses concepts that other teams struggle to prepare for, the 1-3-1 defense is your answer!

Will Rey takes his years of coaching at the high school and college levels and passes on his complete understanding of the 1-3-1 defensive scheme in this on-court instructional video. You will learn how to use the zone defense to stop dribble penetration, slow down your opponents, and neutralize their best players.

Benefits of the 1-3-1

Coach Rey begins by discussing the benefits associated with the 1-3-1 defense. One of the more interesting points in this section is when Rey discusses how he is able to set up his 1-3-1 defense to complement his transition offense. He explains how to place players in positions on defense to allow them to transition quickly into scoring spots on the offensive end.

A few of the reasons Coach Rey likes to run the 1-3-1 include:

  • It's strong in the most important area of the court - the middle.
  • Few teams use it, therefore opposing players aren't used to playing or practicing against it.
  • It's an extremely versatile zone - it can morph into a slew of variations.
  • It's great at disrupting offensive rhythm.

On The Court

Rey transitions to the court to break down the different positions in the 1-3-1. While he spells out the ideal player qualities for each spot, he emphasizes that no matter the size of your athletes, they can all fit somewhere in this defense.

The 1-3-1 has the ability to morph into a half court and full court defense. Additionally, it can also be used in the half court to trap. With a few adjustments and minimal time spent, you can have three defenses to use just by learning the basics of the 1-3-1.

Most opponents will try to get the ball to the corner as their main option to get open shots against the 1-3-1, but Coach Rey shows why this plays right into his trapping option. His "Blitz" action can be used all the time or at specific times during a game to change things up. Rey talks about letting his players make the decision to "Blitz" when they see the opportunity. Your players will love this freedom to make their own decisions.

Coach Rey also passes on two other strategies that can change things up for the 1-3-1: Plug and Butterfly. Both options throw some twists into the defense that will force opposing offenses to slow down and reevaluate how to attack your zone.

The nice thing about the 1-3-1 is you can run it from year to year regardless of the raw talent level of your players. It's designed to prevent offenses from attacking the middle of the floor and provides options to be more aggressive, stop dribble penetration, and get out to guard shooters. Most importantly, the 1-3-1 is easy to install and takes a small amount of time out of your practices to perfect.

Take this opportunity to learn the 1-3-1 from Coach Rey and turn your team into a defensive juggernaut!

57 minutes. 2018.

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